Daredevil: S3 E9 Revelations review

Revelations was an incredible episode of Daredevil’s third season. The title was applicable for both Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk for two completely different reasons. And it also showed why Wilson Fisk is one of the MCU’s best villains.

Matt confronts Father Lantom to ask him if it’s true. ‘Your mother she is’ — shout out Yoda. Lantom doesn’t have a lot to say and it’s not like he’s got much of a leg to stand on. Matt conveys his full disgust with a condescending ‘shame on you.’

We get a flashback sequence of young Maggie with her fellow nuns. Maggie’s got a bit of a wild streak and led them to a boxing match. She quickly gets enamored after filling in as Jack Murdock’s corner man and the two have a whirlwind romance leading to young Matt. But Maggie suffered from a combination of postpartum depression and guilt that she betrayed God so she leaves Jack and Matt and returns to the covenant. The idea of a woman abandoning her family still feels groundbreaking.

Ready to face the music even at the cost of his career, Ray meets up with Agent Hattley and her supervisor to out Dex and Kingpin’s manipulations. We’ve seen betrayals before in the various Marvel Netflix shows, but Hattley killing her supervisor and revealing she’s aligned with Fisk was a shocker.

But the real kicker is when Kingpin’s fixer arrives and makes sure Ray understands his predicament. Hattley seals it by saying she’s no longer his boss, that’s now Wilson Fisk. To ensure he stays in line, Dex visits Ray’s family to make sure he sticks with the plan to set up Daredevil.


Revelations then unravels the full extent of Fisk’s reach. This hasn’t been a short-term plan, but one he’s been slowly letting play out for months. Ray learns a cadre of agents are also under Fisk’s thumb and they never mention his real name. Instead they use his code name…Kingpin. Of the agents assembled only Dex seems like he’s happy to be a part of Fisk’s inner fed circle.

Ray starts off disgusted, but Hattley explains there’s no way out of Fisk’s power. There was a reason his sister’s cancer treatment costs were denied. Fisk set that in motion to put Ray in a bind, but he wasn’t the only one. Hattley tells Ray she used to have two kids and Fisk’s men made it look like a hit and run. She got divorced to try and keep her other daughter safe. That’s crazy! Fisk is so twisted that he’s breaking up marriages, killing kids and denying insurance coverage.

That’s not all. After his stint at the fancy dinner the other night, Foggy has a legit shot at becoming the new district’s attorney. But his brother Theo insists he has to apologize for all of his allegations against Fisk. When things got bad for the family business, Theo, got some bad financial advice from a Fisk subsidiary, Red Lion, to get creative with his books to secure a loan. It’s bad enough to put Theo in prison, but the worst part is their parents also signed the loan. Foggy either has to bow out or see his family go to jail. Man, Fisk is a bastard!

Honestly, that’s how it should be. While I appreciate fleshing out the bad guys, I’d much rather hate them. Cottonmouth was just way too cool on Luke Cage and Jessica Jones ran into the problem of making Kilgrave too charismatic. With this season, Kingpin is losing that hazy grey area — he’s firmly the villain in white.

daredevil revelations review - kingpin with starr

True Godfather…or Kingpin style, Fisk arranges a meeting with all of the rival crime lords. One particular mouthy one gets killed by Dex rocking the Daredevil suit. It’s a subtle, but major show of power that Fisk is so unbeatable that he’s even got Daredevil working for him. Luke Cage’s Rosalie Carbone (Annabella Sciorra) is part of this crew and she wisely decides aligning with Fisk is better than being killed.

Matt isn’t ready to take out Fisk’s growing army right now. He’s dealing with his inner demons via hallucinations/conversations with his father and Fisk. These segments work better than they probably should as Matt hasn’t been in the right mindset since Midland Circle’s near death experience. He does track down Fisk’s secret lair right down to the surveillance room where he learns Fisk’s men have found Karen and they’re going to kill her.

Revelations is one of those episodes that you’re going to want to watch the next one right away. By hour nine in this binge session, sleep might seem like a viable option, but with the stakes increasing dramatically, sleep is overrated anyway.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/Netflix