Daredevil: Season 3 E11 Reunion review

Reunion quietly showed that Daredevil has paid attention to some of the mistakes from its Marvel Netflix peers.

With Matt and Karen hiding out from Dex, Ray and the other federal agents, this had all the makings of a slow paced bottle episode. Much like Karen didn’t rely on an extended flashback setup for the previous episode, Reunion also keeps Matt and Karen cornered for a portion.

Dex is ticked off at his failure to stop Daredevil or kill Karen. He hasn’t worked for him long, but Dex quickly understands Wilson Fisk does not entertain failure very well. Since his costumed approach didn’t work well, he brings the feds into the church to find his arch-rival and target.

While she can only do so much to stop this psycho, Maggie does divert Dex’s attention away from the bloody coffin Matt and Karen use as a hiding place. During this momentary interlude, Karen tells Matt why Kingpin is gunning for her and cautions that killing anyone, including Fisk, will change everything he feels about himself.

daredevil reunion review - sister maggie

One of the more interesting aspects of this season is there’s a strong case to be made for killing Fisk. Not the showrunners, as Fisk is one of the best MCU villains period, but why Matt would think murder is his only option.

That’s about to become exponentially more challenging now that Fisk’s conviction has been overturned. Justice has prevailed and Wilson Fisk is once again a free man. Fingering Daredevil as the puppet of the same people who set him up to go to prison was a smart play. There was decidedly less boos from the protestors when Fisk called out Daredevil. This guy should get into politics.

Another interesting scene plays out later as Fisk visits the current owner of his beloved Rabbit in a Snowstorm piece. The owner won’t sell as she relays her story of it being seized from her parents by the gestapo, who killed her father for trying to stop them. It was a rough tale and one that seemed destined to get worse. Would Kingpin really kill a holocaust survivor over a painting? Turns out there’s some lines even Fisk won’t cross.


My favorite supporting character besides Turk shows up this episode as Brett Mahoney arrives to chat with Ray. Rightfully worried about Dex or Kingpin coming after his family, Ray isn’t too cordial. But Maggie does have him question his status as a moral person. I loved how Ray’s storyline has unfolded. He was a good guy forced to do horrible things so we can sympathize with his plight. Now he’s starting to feel like he’s gone too far.

Karen has had enough of Matt’s BS and finally gets him to admit he needs some help. Good thing Foggy is still Team #Nelson&Murdock and comes to the church to spring a risky plan. Foggy is here to surrender Karen to the NYPD…under Mahoney’s watch. Just when it seems like Ray is going to be tricky, he pulls Mahoney to the side to warn him the feds will kill Karen if they take her. Mahoney tells Foggy the NYPD hasn’t forgotten all the people Fisk has killed and he’s got their back whenever he’s got something to take Fisk down.

daredevil reunion review - matt, karen and foggy

Matt catches all of this from the steeple and his trust in Ray is renewed. But first, he’s got to make things right with Foggy. In a rooftop meetup similar to The Dark Knight, Matt, Karen and Foggy have their long awaited reunion. Despite Karen and Foggy’s pleas, I’m mostly convinced Fisk truly is above the law like Matt.

But maybe if they can convince Ray to turn on Fisk… That’s gonna be tricky since Fisk has already unleashed the hit squad. Ray does his best and his family doesn’t act like complete morons when dudes start showing up at the house. Still, Ray is only one man and it’s not like he’s got any favors to call in from anyone…

Daredevil arrives right when Ray is down to his last bullet and lays the quick beat down on Fisk’s men. Matt doesn’t have time to debate and needs Ray’s trust right away. And the easiest way to accomplish that? Taking off his mask and revealing that Daredevil is actually Matt Murdock.

Reunion sets the stage for an eventful final two episodes as Season 3 is nearing its end. Thankfully with no letdown, but has Matt sealed Ray’s fate by outing himself? And will Kingpin actually get ‘his’ painting back? Most importantly, will Dex upgrade his costume?

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht and David Lee/Netflix