Hot Toys Daredevil figure review

Daredevil has been the shining light of the Marvel Netflix universe. With Season 3 being a standout and in the wake of Iron Fist and Luke Cage’s cancellation it’s nice to have some consistency. After the stellar second season, Hot Toys unveiled a Season 2 Daredevil figure, which I’m finally reviewing. Let’s see (no pun intended) if this figure is as good as the series.

hot toys daredevil figure review - package top

Packaging:  I like the package set up. It captures the dark red and black color scheme of the show opening. In a really cool touch Daredevil is embossed in Braille along the front and sides. The inner package plays off the devil theme with a devil logo outline.

Likeness:  I’ll talk more about the costume later, but Hot Toys captured the intricacies of the outfit nicely.

hot toys daredevil figure review - wide shot

I do like the head sculpt as it captures the cowl just right with all of its various panels and the semi translucent style of the eye slots. The cheeks look a bit puffier than Charlie Cox as if the cowl is too tight…or Daredevil needs to work on his cardio.

hot toys daredevil figure review - looking up

Hot Toys went the Batman route and gave him swappable face panels. These swap in and out easily enough and allow for some welcome neutral and action poses.

hot toys daredevil figure review - neutral scan closeup

Scale:  One mildly annoying issue with the figure is Hot Toys opted for a smaller scale body so he looks more Nightwing size than adult male Matt Murdock.

Thanks to the complexity of the outfit, I don’t think he’ll fit well on a larger body. Height wise, Daredevil doesn’t have to look Captain America eye to eye, but he looks small enough to be part of an entirely separate scale of figures.

hot toys daredevil figure review - with captain america and spider-man

Paint:  Matt Murdock doesn’t seem to enjoy shaving and he’s always sporting serious stubble. The sculpt detail is there, but the paint is too faint and looks far too clean shaven for Murdock’s normal look.

hot toys daredevil figure review - bloody face

On the alternate face plate, the paint is more dynamic thanks to the great, realistic work on the teeth and the blood. There’s a wetness and appropriately darker areas to show the impact points.

hot toys daredevil figure review - bloody side close up

Uniform:  While I greatly prefer the red outfit or the black ninja suit from Season 1, this attire is needlessly busy. There’s too much paneling for my tastes. Still, that’s not on Hot Toys, but the show design team.

Hot Toys nailed the layered, flexible armor look of the costume. Like the Marvel Legends version, I appreciate the costume work a lot more seeing it in figure scale than I do in action on the show even with a nearly 50/50 rate of red and black.

hot toys daredevil figure review - leaping into action

Articulation:  Daredevil’s outfit isn’t made of the same movement-friendly material like the Black Panther or Spider-Man figures. You’re not going to be able to pose him as dynamic as those two, which is a bit frustrating since Daredevil is a character you’d want to get more creative in posing.

hot toys daredevil figure review - ready for battle

Daredevil has:

  • neck
  • shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • knee
  • ankle

hot toys daredevil figure review - jump kick

Accessories:  He’s got the usual assortment of various hands: one set of fists, one set to hold the Billy Club and a set of open hands.

hot toys daredevil figure review - figure in tray

There’s also three different options for the Billy Club: nunchaku mode, extended or standard. They all have great texture and detailing while importantly fitting snugly into the holster.

hot toys daredevil figure review - with nunchuks ready

I really like the alternate head plate as it features a more expressive, mid-fight gritted teeth portrait with a bloodied lip and cheek. Daredevil isn’t a perfect fighter so he takes a beating and it’s nice to have another display option for him.

hot toys daredevil figure review - ready for battle

Since we’re not likely to get more Daredevil figures the lack of an unmasked head sculpt seems like a real missed opportunity.

Daredevil also comes with a backdrop, which is OK if you’re taking very narrow shots. The more useful piece is a small diorama, which will be versatile for multiple lines.

Worth it?  I get the amount of work on the costume warranted a few more dollars, but Daredevil clocking in at $230 with no light-up features seems about $10 to $15 too much. But he’s arguably the most popular of the Marvel Netflix characters so I’m sure Hot Toys figured they could push the price up slightly.

Rating: 8 out of 10

With better scale or a more flexible outfit, I would have rated this guy higher. He’s thisclose in either category, but both drag him down a few notches.

hot toys daredevil figure review - holding nunchuk

Where to get it?  He hung around on for a long time, but if you’re still interested, Big Bad Toy Store still has him in stock.