The Flash: S5 E3 The Death of Vibe review

The Flash attempts to streamline some of its superhero cast with The Death of Vibe. It was another episode with some good moments and an almost equal amount of questionable choices. Plus there’s that nagging feeling like the show is running in circles with the same plotlines with new characters.

Nora tells Team Flash that Cicada was the Rogue that scared her the most as Barry, Supergirl, the Legends, Green Arrow or even the League manage to catch him. Hold on. The League? Nora mentioned the Legion before, but she very clearly said the League. Does this mean a Justice League could actually be in the works at some point in the Arrowverse? Yes please!

Cicada has arrived to face Barry too early, a fallout from Nora’s time traveling adventure. In other words, instead of Barry’s time screw up resulting in the season’s big villain, it’s Nora’s fault. To make up for her mistake, Nora calls up Herr Wells from the Council of Wells. This time he’s excessively friendly and while he can’t help, recommends his peer, Sherloque Wells.

Tom Cavanagh has been missed, but the goofy, silly Wells shtick has gotten old. Sherloque dismisses Ralph while Cisco becomes a blubbering mess over Gypsy again.

the flash the death of vibe review - sherloque and iris

Ralph occupies himself by helping fellow ‘benched’ Team Flash member Caitlin learn more of her father’s ‘death.’ On one hand, it’s great that the writers are giving Caitlin and Ralph something to do, but again we’ve got Caitlin searching for a guy like she was with Ronnie like this quest will give her peace. The mystery of her Killer Frost powers emerging when she was a child seems like fresher material.

Why Caitlin’s mother is lying is a decent mystery, but it seems pretty careless of her to keep a suicide note and his files in a file cabinet. Shouldn’t a high tech company have long ago digitized their records?

On the A storyline, Sherloque has figured out Cicada’s identity, but his services aren’t cheap. How about professional courtesy, Sherloque? He clues them in to David Hersch, a man who was up to some underhanded stuff, but clearly isn’t Cicada. On an encouraging note, Barry did some actual forensics work to determine Hersch wasn’t Cicada.

He’s off stalking Vibe for some reason and figures Joe is the best source to track him down. So far Cicada is coming off like a Doctor Alchemy knock-off. I feel like the writers once again don’t have a good handle on a Flash Rogue. The source material and the show’s take are basically two different characters. But the bigger question is why anyone would try to take out Vibe instead of The Flash? Cicada has clearly proven he’s capable of beating Barry so why waste time on Barry’s sidekick?

the flash the death of vibe review - cicada

The writers handling of XS continues to be frustrating. Every week she bungles something with her over eagerness, someone makes excuses for her saying Barry was the same way and then she acts like a puppy looking for Barry’s approval. Again, this wouldn’t feel so aggravating if we hadn’t just gone through a whole season of this with Ralph and Wally the season before. There’s other ways to portray a sidekick, but the writers are firmly stuck on their one note way of writing in new additions to the team.


Sherloque tracked down 37 different Cicadas and each time they were Hirsch. After being found out as a bit of a fraud, Sherloque tries to fake his death. Yep, pretty close to being over this Wells variant already.

Cecile’s powers are still strong enough for her to sense Joe’s pain and summons Team Flash. Minor gripe, but Cisco has pretty much never beaten Barry arriving anywhere … except this episode. Cicada knocks Cisco through his own portal and Sherloque has to help them figure out where they landed. Thanks to XS’s help, the team manages to convince Cicada is dead, but again there’s the question why he runs off instead of killing all three heroes?

the flash the death of vibe review - team flash

Apparently, Cicada isn’t a greedy villain? For now, Team Flash is going to stick with the death of Vibe narrative so Cisco is officially grounded. He was basically a teleporter anyway so it’s not like he’s going to be missed as a hero. Sherloque is sticking around to up the humor factor and Nora still bristles at the thought of spending too much time around Iris. I wish Barry would address this and stop acting like she’s acting normal. At least Sherloque is intuitive enough to figure Nora is hiding something, like someone else possibly advising her to help Barry.

Joe’s instincts were right. Cicada is a father and his daughter is in a coma. And Cicada has some sort of mark/puncture in his chest, which we’ll likely learn about in a future episode.

The Death of Vibe sidelined a supporting hero while expanding the Team Flash cast with a new Wells.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW