Ringside Fest 2018 reveals – WWE Elite Ronda Rousey, Velveteen Dream

We’re slowly getting reveals trickling in from Ringside Fest 2018. So far there hasn’t been any major surprises, but it’s still early in the day. It’s my birthday so I’m hoping for some major reveal off my personal checklist.

I like this gown that comes with Sensational Sherri. Underneath is her wrestling attire so it’s a two for one figure, which is a rarity for Mattel.


Ronda Rousey – The likeness is pretty good, but Mattel will need to lower the hair so it’s not so high on the forehead. Also, it’s very disappointing Mattel can’t create a T-shirt mold for the women wrestlers. We really shouldn’t see her belly button. I do like that she’s coming with an official signing table.

wwe elite 65 ronda rousey

And I like the additional hands that come with Roman Reigns. I wish Mattel scaled him better so he wasn’t towering over everyone as these new Reigns figures look great.

The new Rusev looks pretty good. Hopefully we’ll get some more pictures of that Ric Flair too. We’ve needed a Flair in red for awhile. Hopefully this will be a chance for Mattel to release Flair with multiple head sculpts. We still need a bowl cut version from his time battling the nWo and he tended to wear the red tights more often at that point.


Eric Young looks cool. I’m looking forward to completing Sanity.

ringside fest 2018 -elite eric young

Velveteen Dream really would benefit from a slimmer torso as he shouldn’t have the same bulk as Ron Simmons.

ringside fest 2018 -prototype velveteen dream

Here’s some of the upcoming Basics including a Shayna Bazler and a supersized Mandy Rose.

ringside fest 2018 -prototype shayna bazlerringside fest 2018 - basic mandy rose

If anything else major gets revealed, I’ll post it shortly.

Photos: WWE Instagram