Marvel Legends Beast, Citizen V, Union Jack revealed at London Comic Con 2018

It’s been a good weekend for Marvel Legends fans. We got some new reveals from Paris Comic Con and today’s London Comic Con took off another highly requested character.

The big name is the X-Men’s Beast. The Toy Biz version has held up pretty well, but with updates to the rest of the team, Beast was overdue and completes the X-Men Blue Team.

marvel legends london comic con beast

Next up is Citizen V, a longtime popular choice who also gives us another member of The Thunderbolts.

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That’s very cool as I’m a big fan of the team. With Night Thrasher kicking off the New Warriors, it’s great to see Hasbro doing more 90s teams.

marvel legends london comic con citizen v

Finally, in keeping with the London Comic Con theme, we get an updated Union Jack. It’s not the most exciting release, but a worthwhile update and addition to the ranks.

marvel legends london comic con union jack

Photo Credit: Hasbro