Arrow: Season 7 E2 The Longbow Hunters review

The Longbow Hunters introduced some key new enemies for this season of Arrow, but with Oliver in prison it’s up to Felicity to stop them. Raise your hand if you noticed the problematic part of that sentence.

Oliver strangely didn’t get all that much screen time this episode. It truly felt like he was away from everyone on the outside and he’s just one of the ensemble. I’m not the biggest fan of that approach especially since there’s enough interesting prison dynamics that he gets slighted on screen time. Brick, Ben Turner and Sampson want Oliver to get prison guard Yorke out by any means necessary.

With his semi-shady pal Stanley trying to play sidekick, Oliver tries to find some dirt on Yorke on the nearby computer. Apparently Felicity taught Oliver some of her super hacking skills. The Arrowverse writers don’t seem to understand how computers work. A few rapid keystrokes doesn’t shortcut loading and searching and there’s no way a prison is going to prioritize high speeds or not simply have firewalls in searching for information on staff.

arrow-the-longbow-hunters-oliver and stanley

On the outside, Team Arrow is trying to determine a strategy on locating and stopping Diaz. Felicity has whipped up a program that can predict Diaz’s next move. This is code for writer room cheats when they need Felicity to be the one that hunts down Diaz instead of anyone at ARGUS.

Way No. 412 that Felicity could be a better character — not have her be the end all, be all of hacking. ARGUS should have people just as capable of finding Diaz. I never liked kid William, but at least he gave Felicity a purpose besides being the team super computer that can do anything.

Team Arrow needs to hurry as the Longbow Hunters — Red Dart (Holly Elissa), Kodiak (Michael Jonsson) and Silencer (Miranda Edwards) — are on the move and steal secret ARGUS tech. The latter is especially interesting as The Silencer is featured in her own title currently in DC. Silencer has some very interesting powers of being able to set up a cone of silence and it was cool seeing them in action.

Felicity basically begs to get in on the investigation. How long before she goes rogue and does her own thing? Ah just five minutes. Felicity is going to become even more annoying if the writers make her a super hacker vigilante in the field with Oliver in prison.

arrow-the-longbow-hunters-diggle, curtis, felicity and rene

But this time, Felicity is dead wrong and she leads Curtis and Rene to a site ARGUS was tracking, effectively ruining Diggle’s investigation. Felicity’s response? ‘We wouldn’t have to do any of this if you included me!’

Felicity suffers from the same problem as Supergirl. They will be 100 percent wrong and double down on their indignation that someone else was wrong. And like Kara, I’m getting real tired of Felicity being so dismissive to the black guys on this show. I’m sure the intent is not to come off so clueless, but every week we’re seeing cell phone cameras of white women in particular talking down and being completely disrespectful of black men.

This picture of the Arrow Season 7 writers does put things in context though:

I can only zoom but so far, but let’s generously say there’s three black writers. I’m really going to need them to vet some of the scenes with Felicity speaking to Diggle, Curtis and other black characters if this is going to be the norm this season.

And yeah, we get Felicity wants to help Oliver, but this bratty behavior doesn’t make her more endearing. Maybe this would be more tolerable if we didn’t suffer through so many episodes last season of Felicity’s reckless attitude screwing things up for Team Arrow.

Finally, Diggle doesn’t owe her an explanation for sacrificing his family for the hood. No one stopped Oliver and Felicity from being happy fake married in Season 4 or cared that Diggle already risked his family last season. And how would she know the Longbow Hunters better than anyone?


Meanwhile, Diggle and his ARGUS crew get punked out by not Captain America Kodiak. In fairness, Kodiak swings his shield far slower than Cap. Considering Diggle was constantly beating down League of Assassin ninjas four seasons ago, one slow dude with a shield giving him a hard time seems like a stretch. Diggle does get a rematch with Diaz and this fight even involves a flamethrower(!). That was fun. But at a pivotal point in the battle, Felicity freezes because risking the super weapon is totally worth it to catch Diaz.

With ARGUS not willing to help, Felicity throws a shoulder bump at Diggle and decides she’s going to work with someone whose goal is to stop Diaz. Then the next scene, she’s suddenly barking orders to FBI agent Samantha Watson.

Jumping to the island flash forwards, older William casually tells Roy that his family issues helped result in his boyfriend leaving him. Controversial hot take: the LGBT community is 4.5 percent of the U.S. population. The Asian population is 5.9 percent while the Hispanic population is 16.7 percent. For some reason, the Arrowverse writers are under the impression that diversity is focusing on the LGBT community while larger minorities go largely ignored. In other words, the Arrowverse’s Hispanic representation should not be limited to just Cisco and Rene in prominent roles.

Older Felicity sent William to Lian Yu to locate a message in an old Green Arrow cache. Roy hasn’t been interested in returning to the main world for awhile, but the contents of this message motivates him to return home.


In one of the more interesting subplots, Laurel and Dinah reluctantly find themselves on the same page. Laurel has been ditching her security detail as she’s trying to kill Diaz herself to atone for Quentin’s death. They tangle with Silencer and the combined force of their Canary Cries is enough to overcome the silence cone.

While two Canaries is redundant, I’m sorta interested in Dinah and Laurel not being at odds all season before one of them (Dinah) gets killed/written off.

My enthusiasm for this season got dulled somewhat with The Longbow Hunters thanks to the Felicity can do no wrong mindset. But there’s enough here to suggest this could be a slight bump in the road especially with Oliver’s sneaky way of getting Yorke out of the picture and the Roy/William mystery continuing to unfold.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW