Falcon and Winter Soldier limited series landing on Disney streaming service

At this rate we’re gonna have about a million rumors of various shows appearing on Disney’s streaming service before anything is confirmed. But this one definitely has me hoping it’s true. Falcon and Winter Soldier might be teaming up in a limited series on the streaming service.

Some of my favorite moments in Captain America: Civil War are Bucky and Falcon’s interactions. There’s this fun tension and unspoken rivalry over who’s a better friend to Captain America (I’m fully #TeamSam for the record) and that could be fun to see play out over a series.

While the other rumored series are still in the speculation stage, Variety reports Empire writer Malcolm Spellman has been tabbed as the series writer. Variety also mentioned Marvel Studios/Disney were exploring limited series for Marvel Cinematic Universe characters that didn’t have a standalone film. With Black Widow getting one soon that eliminated the most glaring choice.


If he were more like his comic book counterpart, a Hawkeye standalone would have been fun, but Jeremy Renner’s version would be another installment of Agents of SHIELD.

These series won’t be the normal grueling 22 episodes run and would be more in the six to eight episode range. That’s perfect as it allows Marvel/Disney to spend a full season’s worth of production costs to maintain that film aesthetic.

Falcon and Winter Soldier make for a good pairing as they can hash out their rivalry. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan had great chemistry.  If I was upset about anything with Avengers: Infinity War it was we didn’t get a good Sam and Bucky moment.

The focus of the show is still under wraps, but we might get some more clarification after Avengers 4. If Captain America is dead will the two be working together to honor one of Cap’s last wishes? There’s a lot of storytelling potential with these two and I’m hoping it won’t be much longer before we get some details on this series.

What do you think? Excited about the possibility of this Falcon and Winter Soldier series?

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios