Hasbro reveals new Marvel Legends and Star Wars figures from Lucca Comics and Games

Oh you thought Hasbro was done making reveals, did you? Silly collector. At the Lucca Comics and Games panel, Hasbro officially revealed the Marvel Legends Puma and six-armed Spider-Man.

Puma fills out yet another old school Spider-Man villain/ally slot. I’m at the point where I need to see other collectors’ Spider-Man display to see how they’re setting up all these amazing figures.

marvel legends puma from lucca games

We get another addition with the six-armed Spider-Man. This is a neat little gimmick version that I’ll probably get because it’s such a unique sculpt.

marvel legends six arm spider-man from lucca games


Star Wars Black collectors weren’t left out either with the Lucca Comics and Games reveal of Mace Windu. Hasbro has really stepped up its sculpting and paint game as this looks as good as some of the higher end figures. And in an extra that could likely turn the tide for collectors, Mace also comes with a removable cloth Jedi robe. This could be a bit of a game changer.

On the Vintage Collection side, we’ve also got a new Poe Dameron figure coming. This is another really nice looking figure for collectors of the smaller scale.

Photo Credit: Hasbro