New WWE Elite NXT Series 4 images revealed

Collectors largely voted with their wallets with WWE NXT Series 3. The odd decision to go with Flashbacks of Roman Reigns and Rusev led to many pegwarmers in my area. And from online reports, I wasn’t the only one. But NXT Series 4 looks to get things back on track with some highly anticipated members of the WWE farm system.

There’s the long overdue Hideo Itami. Even though he’s a non-factor in NXT, it’ll be cool to get his figure.

wwe elite nxt hideo itami

Killian Dane gives us another member of Sanity. I’m not 100% sold on the head sculpt yet. He doesn’t look all the intimidating.

wwe nxt killian dane

Drew Galloway looks impressive and further expands the growing TNA Impact subset line.

wwe elite nxt drew galloway


Alister Black might be one of Mattel’s most sought after figures next year.

wwe elite nxt aleister black

As a reminder all of the NXT Series 4 figures are Target exclusives. The trick of course is finding a Target with these guys in stock.

Additionally, there’s a new picture of the Basic Sasha Banks in her Wonder Woman inspired attire.

wwe basic sasha banks

Photo Credit: Mattel