Titans: S1 E3 Origins review

Titans is still in findings its way mode. The growing pains are a little frustrating as some of the problems are self-inflicted. Origins had some good moments, especially as the team continues to come together, but there were still too many signs the series hasn’t fully settled on a direction yet. 

The show’s take on Starfire continues to be the biggest issue. Anna Diop is striking and has an undeniable presence. In a lot of ways, she’s been Titans’ standout performer, but this less patient, easily irritated and violent portrayal of Starfire just seems off.

Kory tracks Rachel down hoping she has some information on her past. But first, she’s got to free her from the psycho polite family traveling in their station wagon. Kory is the incinerate first, ask questions later type so she broils the father leaving the rest of the family scrambling for answers and apologizing to their equally odd boss. His research shows families do better in a two-parent household so the kids are getting a new father. That subplot is very weird, but I like the quirkiness of these villains.

By the time she takes out some truckers harassing a waitress, Kory has laid a serious beat down on three cops, a psychopath and a trio of truckers in Origins alone. Starting a Starfire body count definitely shouldn’t be a thing, but it has become necessary with Titans. Also, it’s been days now. Shouldn’t Kory feel the need to change her clothes?


With Dawn in a coma, Dick leaves Hank behind to watch over her and try and find Rachel. He finds the damage at the gas station and the burnt carcass of the psycho father and learns his partner, Amy, didn’t survive the attack. Amy wasn’t around long enough for her murder to resonate and it seemed like a shock value death of no value. She’d been in the show for all of seven minutes, right?

Origins struggled with its flashbacks to Dick after being adopted by Bruce. For some reason the showrunners are making Bruce this mysterious figure so we’ve only seen him in silhouettes. That’s hindering these flashbacks since a huge part of them should be Bruce and Dick’s interaction. And it’s starting to border on silly as Bruce leaves letters to communicate with Dick things that would make more sense face to face. It’s pretty hard to do Robin’s origin any justice while keeping Bruce and Alfred off camera.

Rachel is happy to have someone who wants her around and quickly bonds with Kory. They travel to the convent Rachel’s mother had her. The head nun immediately seems shifty, but Kory and Rachel trust her. Kory apparently had some dealings with the nuns to find Rachel and even directs Kory to the source of the key. It’s at a local skate rink.

While Kory tries to make sense of this mystery, Dick arrives and Rachel meets Gar Logan (Ryan Potter). They connect quickly over their hair, but Dick and Kory rush her off to leave. Dick and Kory’s arguing triggers Rachel’s demon powers long enough to get on the same page.

titans origins review - rachel and kory

Kory uses the other key to find a storage locker with the walls covered with maps and a pages in a strange language. Like German and Russian, Kory can read and speak it easily enough while Dick tries to make sense of her notes. Kory realizes this was a warning that Rachel is the destroyer of worlds.

The nun seemed to reach that conclusion awhile ago and stashes Rachel in an abandoned chamber hoping to keep her evil restrained. This works as well as you’d expect. These scenes with Rachel and her demon self are starting to lose their effectiveness. It’s all shaky cam and vocal tricks. This would work so much more if it wasn’t a staple during all three episodes so far.

Rachel’s demon force takes control and busts her out of the convent as a trail of ravens lead the way. If the last episode had me eager to see what happened next, Origins had me hoping the next episode proves more eventful and interesting. At least the Titans are starting to come together.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment