Kick-Ass #9 review

Kick-Ass #9 further escalates the war with Kick-Ass and the cartels.

I love the direction of this book with Kick-Ass weaponizing gang members to serve as her enforcers to take out criminals. Patience Lee isn’t a traditional hero so she doesn’t have to play by any rules. Just like Hit-Girl is rewriting the game on the fly, Patience devises a different approach tactfully like a soldier taking down a big objective.

After receiving a threatening warning, Kick-Ass is ready to take the fight to Santos by any means necessary. But how will Patience keep her troops in line when some of their numbers are getting savagely murdered? The answer might surprise you.


This book always feels like such a smooth and easy read. Writer Steve Niles continues the same pacing style of Mark Millar. Niles doesn’t waste a lot of time on dialogue and tells the story more efficiently. In a way it allows the reader to fill in the gaps without being told every note in the conversation.

Artist Marcelo Frusin seems to have settled in to a very comfortable groove with Kick-Ass in action. Each page has such an easy to follow flow and the action. Frusin doesn’t need to cram his panels with a ton of details as the characters are posed in a way to convey a constant sense of motion. This might not work with every title, but it makes for a winning formula with Kick-Ass.

kick-ass #9

Colorist Sunny Gho’s work continues to be impressive. The bright colors make for a great contrast to the darker storyline.

Just so Patience doesn’t have it too easy in getting to Santos, Niles throws a new obstacle in her way with a character that looks like a fun challenge. Kick-Ass #9 might not have had as many memorable moments as the previous few issues, but it sets the table for a major boss fight. This continues to be one of my most anticipated reads each month.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics