Arrow: Crossing Lines review S7 E3

If only Arrow focused 80 percent of this season on Oliver in prison, things wouldn’t be nearly so problematic. Instead, Crossing Lines was another messy as heck episode that’s proving a shocking lack of awareness from the writers.

Felicity is back to Season 4 levels of annoyance. How would she know any more about Diaz or the Longbow Hunters than anyone else? And it was not Watson’s fault Oliver is in prison. Oliver chose this vigilante life and Felicity made her decision to be involved in it with him. That’s the reason William isn’t there, not Watson. I say this as someone who hated Watson last season.

More frustrating than Felicity invoking her love interest privilege was Watson having a ridiculous about face and siding with her. All last season, Watson was 100% by the books and cared way more about nailing Oliver than stopping Diaz to the point it seemed obvious she was working with him. Now because of one lecture from Felicity, Watson decides he’s a priority. If that’s all it took why in the world would Watson have Oliver arrested before they captured Diaz? It’s just lazy and sloppy writing with no regard for character consistency.

It was irritating how Felicity avoided any consequences as well. She bugged Watson’s office, which would have been more than enough for Season 6 Watson to throw her in jail too. The writers can’t have Felicity thumbing her nose directly at the established authority figure because she’s plucky and talks fast.

I also hated how Felicity was perfectly happy using Watson to track down Diaz and his crew only to let her take the fall for failing to generate a lead. Felicity’s line of ‘I hope you’re not expecting an apology’ perfectly captured her righteous indignation that justifies all of her actions no matter who else suffers.

arrow crossing lines review - felicity and watson

And this was all while Renee had Silencer chained in a basement. Maybe….uhm, I don’t know guys possibly not having the white woman chain a black woman in a basement?!?!? Ugh.

Diggle, Lyla and Curtis headed to Switzerland for a special ARGUS mission. This didn’t have much of a purpose besides add some strife to Diggle and Lyla, because heaven forbid there be one stable relationship in the Arrowverse. Lyla basically lied to Diggle about their mission all under the guise of working outside the rules for the greater good. Lyla condemning Diggle for not trusting her was outrageous. He was right and Lyla couldn’t explain that away because she was always doing the same when the roles were reversed.

At least the events in The Slab kept things interested…when we actually spend 10 minutes there. Oliver wants more information on the man connected to Diaz. Brick tells him the man is named The Demon. Hopefully this is intentional otherwise, there’s a ton of other nicknames that don’t suggest Ra’s Al Ghul is behind all of Diaz’s actions.


Oliver had some nice fight scenes, first against Bronze Tiger and then against Sampson. Once Brick tells him he’ll never get to The Demon since he’s on Level 2, Oliver starts stabbing guards. While impressive, what guarantee did Oliver have that the guards weren’t going to….shoot him? That was a risky play that probably shouldn’t have worked.

Crossing Lines wraps up with Diaz injecting himself with super serum. It’s an odd end game since he didn’t actually need superpowers to keep Team Arrow on edge all season. Just a better sound dampener. We’ll see where things go next episode, but with so much time spent away from Oliver and the interesting prison subplot, I’m starting to get worried.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW