Funko POP Jerry Rice figure review

Without a doubt Jerry Rice is the best receiver of all time in the NFL. He played back when defenses could play defense. As I expand my POP! collection, I couldn’t think of a better San Francisco 49ers player to kick it off with than Flash himself. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to add a Steve Young, Ronnie Lott and other stars from the glory years. Let’s see if this figure is a real catch.

Packaging:  Funko didn’t have as much fun with the Football lineup as they’ve had with some other figures. There’s a black backdrop against the figure that seemed like the material of a football.

Just making the backdrop brown would have added that special touch to it. The 49ers is printed in all white instead of the team colors, which is another curious decision.

Likeness:  To capture Rice’s likeness, the figure has the eye black and slight beard. This is more toward the end of Jerry’s Niners career although I would have liked the high top fade younger version as well. Or the sweet 1994 throwback jerseys.

funko pop jerry rice figure review - wide shot

The attention to detail with the pants and pads is nice although a Rice figure really should have his hand towel along the side for complete accuracy.


I kinda wish the football POP figures also came with a helmet or at least a mini football. It’s certainly not like Funko hasn’t made POPs with appropriate accessories before.

Paint:  The paintwork here is very solid. The numbers, wristbands and uniform line work is crisp. There’s some slop with the red trim on the socks, but that’s it as far as problems with the paintjob.

funko pop jerry rice figure review -cleats detail

Worth it?  FYE had another great sale on POPs so I got Jerry Rice for $2.80. He’s going for close to $40 on Amazon so I definitely recommend grabbing him if you see him in stores. It’s hard to beat less than $3 for a POP.

Rating: 9 out of 10

funko pop jerry rice figure review -next to mcfarlane jerry rice

Where to get it?  FYE has been a gold mine for me as far as POPs. I’d go there first and second before trying other outlets like