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Prodigy #1 review – Mark Millar conceives another big hit

Mark Millar is on his Parker Lewis phase of his career as he can’t lose. With Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass successfully revitalized and The Magic Order conjuring up one of the most original stories in years, Millar unveils his newest soon to be hit Prodigy. Prodigy #1 introduces us to Edison Crane, the world’s smartest man.

Imagine the Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World pitchman in a comic series and you’ve got an idea what’s in store here. From an early age, Edison excelled. Unlike most prodigies, Edison thrived at everything from polo to martial arts and even rocket science.

Naturally that leaves Edison constantly searching for the next challenge so he’s got a bit of a reckless streak. How else to describe a man willing to accept stunts conceived by children? It’s all in pursuit of the next obstacle to overcome. I also love that Millar made the smartest man on the planet in the series a black man. I’m curious if Millar will also have Edison face prejudice and racism despite his celebrated status.


Edison’s newest challenge might prove to be his most important yet as CIA agent Rachel Straks reveals a conspiracy even he didn’t see coming. This revelation finally provides Edison with something he hasn’t experienced in a long time — a mystery worthy of his time.

Rafael Albuquerque’s artwork has steadily improved throughout 2018. Prodigy #1 finds him at his most refined. Albuquerque’s characters leap off the page with personality and the layouts are set up so it’s easy to see how this would translate to a Netflix film or series.

Colorist Marcelo Maiolo does amazing work here as well. The pages look sensational thanks to Maiolo’s paint-like style. Sunsets look like framed art and the flashbacks have a sepia haze to reflect the passage of time.

Prodigy is Millar’s second Netflix title so I’m excited to see how quickly it could be adapted for the small screen. This has all the necessary components to become yet another breakout hit for Millar and an absolute must-read when it arrives in comic stores on Dec. 5.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics