Lyles Movie Files is looking for new writers

You might not know, but I’ve been running Lyles Movie Files since 2012. That means I’ve written a ton of movie reviews, TV recaps, action figure reviews, comic book reviews and random Hollywood news. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere! But with so many new TV shows I want to cover and can’t, comic books I want to read and wrestling I don’t have time to watch let alone recap, I could use some reinforcements i.e. new writers.

Want to write on a schedule like TV recaps? Awesome. Want to contribute, but on a less sporadic basis? That’s fine too. Want to get in on the comic book review rotation? Or want to write out some lists? Let’s do it.

Here’s some ideas:

This isn’t a paid gig in the traditional sense. I’m still in the red with my expenses operating/maintaining the site so there’s no funds to spread the wealth. But there are some perks.

Comic book reviewers get all the comics they’re interested in reviewing or reading. Contributing writers get dibs on digital giveaways and preferential access to movie screenings. And when I get the occasional movie swag, writers have first crack.

So if you are someone you know is interested in joining the team send an email to