Hit-Girl #10 review

Hit-Girl #10 has the usual array of violence and mayhem, but this one also spotlights Mindy’s heart making for one of the best issues of this series.

It’s easy to paint Mindy as a deranged psycho killing machine, but writer Rafael Scavone offers some much needed depth and a reminder Hit-Girl is still just a kid.

Alone in Rome, Mindy is trying to track down some information on the mafioso covenant operating in the shadows. While Mindy has no idea who’s gunning for her, two groups are closing in on a very valuable artifact in her possession.

What really makes issue #10 work is that Scavone gives Mindy some time to miss Big Daddy and being part of a family. We tend to see her so often in super attack mode that showing that vulnerable side of her helps to make Mindy a more complete character.

Scavone and artist Rafael Albuquerque do a commendable job of trying to not just make Paola look like a Catwoman rip-off. Selina Kyle has pretty much cornered the market on cat-theme female characters, but Paola is just different enough to be unique.


Albuquerque’s pencils just keep getting better and better. One of the selling points of this Hit-Girl run is the constantly rotating creative teams, but Albuquerque’s work has been too good to swap out for someone else anytime soon. Marcelo Maiolo’s colors do a fantastic job of capturing the beauty of Rome and making for such a sun-drenched battleground for Hit-Girl.

This adventure in Rome has led to some inspired work from the creative team and Hit-Girl #10 was a standout issue. If you’re not reading this one yet, you need to pick up one of the best antihero books out on the stands today.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics