DC Comics reviews for 11/14/18

Mister Miracle #12

mister miracle 12

It was probably silly to think Tom King was going to write the final to his critically acclaimed and fan adored Mister Miracle in a traditional manner. That would go against everything that’s led up to issue 12. If anything, King wraps up his series in a way that demands an immediate second read.

This isn’t a standard conclusion, yet King plays with the narrative structure he’s used throughout the series echoing moments from the previous 11 chapters. Along the way, King raises some interesting questions that seem a little too spoiler-y to discuss for now, but it’s a fascinating approach. At the heart of the issue is has the entire saga been a dream? The shower scene that’s clearly a nod to Dallas’ infamous payoff with Bobby seems to suggest King toyed with the notion as well.

Artist Mitch Gerads is in sync with King’s ideas with an opening page with members of DC editorial — and King and Gerads watching Mister Miracle’s latest trick where he appears to get burned alive. A symbolic teaser of the thought that Scott Free is trapped in hell? Who knows, but the beauty of this series is that King and Gerads set up a story that will be discussed for years.

Gerads really experiments with the distorted visions Scott sees along the way. These ghosted fade in conversations tease that maybe Scott has cracked while the constant shifts in the environment convey a fluid mind at its breaking point.

I love the open interpretation of the story. It can literally be broken down in so many ways by different readers. This has been a fantastic read and one I’m looking forward to revisiting many times over the next few years. Let’s hurry up with that collected edition DC.

Rating: 10 out of 10