DC Comics reviews for 11/14/18

Titans #29

titans 29

Titans continues its impressive resurgence under the new team.

Following the events of the Drowned Earth tie-in, the team is stranded on another planet with no idea of their location. Or if it’s inhabitants are friendly.

Writer Dan Abnett takes advantage of this setup to spend more time working through the Titans’ various personal issues both with their teammates and each other. Early on with the new team, Abnett just had them running from one mission to the next. Taking time to focus on them interacting has made for a far more enhancing group and the emotionally scarred Titans are a lot more interesting.

Donna Troy is jaded after all her losses; Beast Boy and Ms. Martian struggle to maintain control of their inner selves; Raven can’t tap into her emotions and Natasha is putting on a front that she’s got everything figured out. It’s an unusual blend of characters, but Abnett has found the right combination to make Titans work.

Minkyu Jung was a pleasant surprise during her run on Wonder Woman despite drawing Diana slighter than normal. With the younger Titans that’s not an issue and Jung’s ability to showcase the emotions in her characters really stands out.

Titans has emerged as a much improved title the worst things get for the team. Stranded puts them in their most challenging situation yet and it’s looking like another strong story. If you’ve stopped reading Titans for awhile this is an ideal jumping on issue.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10