No need to panic, Agents of SHIELD will be back for Season 7

Seems like every year ABC has done this will it/won’t it renewal dance with Agents of SHIELD. For a change, viewers won’t be in suspense. While Agents of SHIELD’s sixth season won’t start until next summer, it’s already been renewed for a seventh season.

That’s good news for the show that’s quietly been one of the better comic book shows on TV. ABC decided against putting it back on Friday nights during the regular season. Instead, it’s going to be one of the signature shows during the summer. More and more networks are recognizing the importance of a semi-strong summer TV lineup.

Deadline reports one reason AOS is getting a 13-episode seventh season renewal now is to retain the cast’s contract options. This will allow Season 7 to be shot around the same time as Season 6. That’s a smart move and allows the show runners time to consider potential cliffhangers to tie into the next season.


AOS getting at least two more seasons means I really need to stop slacking and finish off my reviews for Season 5. You can catch up to my thoughts on all of the previous seasons here. I’m glad the next two seasons are only 13 episodes each. That makes for a far more streamlined story without any fillers. It’s worked wonders for the Marvel Netflix shows.

What do you think of the news of Agents of SHIELD reaching Season 7?

Photo Credit: ABC