Funko Pop Bugs Bunny and Sylvester and Tweety figure reviews

I’m never going to catch up on my Funko Pop figures without doubling up a few. And it made sense to kick things off with a Looney Tunes theme. Time to say what’s up doc as I review the Funko Pop Bugs Bunny and Sylvester & Tweety figures.


Packaging: It’s always fun seeing the Pop figure packaging play off the theme of the respective characters. For these two, we get the signature closing credits red circles. I definitely get the ‘That’s All Folks!’ vibe from it. Having the animal characters at a smaller height along the left side was a nice touch.


Likeness:  Bugs Bunny is one of the most iconic characters of the last century. This is a Pop sculpted with full Bugs attitude and I can almost hear him about to wind up his signature catchphrase.

funko pop bugs bunny figure review - front

The ears are up high and his three strands of hair are accurately represented here. His buck teeth are prominent and he’s holding a carrot with his pinky finger out as usual. Along the side, his cheek hair is sculpted as well. For a static figure, this shows off a ton of character and personality.

funko pop sylvester and tweety figure review -sylvester front

Sylvester also shows off a great deal of personality. He’s got a smug look on his face like he’s got Tweety cornered and his final index finger claw swipe will get him a tasty meal. We don’t often get Pop figures that work so naturally in a diorama thanks to their lack of articulation, but you could have some fun with this set.

funko pop sylvester and tweety figure review -tweety front

Tweety is scaled appropriately smaller although not as small as he normally would. His arms are outstretched to take in the day blissfully unaware of Sylvester’s scheme. The Pop style works well for Tweety, who’s all big head anyway.


funko pop bugs bunny sylvester and tweety figure review - scale

Paint:  The Funko style makes the Looney Tunes figures look a little weird. Bugs has big white eyes with oval irises so the trademark all black makes Bugs look soulless.  I’ll probably paint his eyes correctly even if that means he’ll look off. My Bugs’ nose wasn’t painted properly with a significant overspray on the left side and paint missing on the top left section.

There’s also a little overspray of orange on the green section of the carrot. I would’ve liked sculpted whiskers as the painted dots aren’t quite as effective.

Sylvester and Tweety both turned out nicely. He’s got the opposite problem as he needs white eyes otherwise you wouldn’t see them. He’ll be easier to paint irises on.

Ironically, the usual Pop! eyes aren’t a problem with Tweety. Like Bugs, Sylvester is missing his whiskers, but otherwise he and Tweety had no paint issues at all.

Worth it?  It’s hard not to consider Sylvester a better bonus since he comes with Tweety. At under $10, it’s hard to complain too much about a bad value, but if you had to go only go with one, Sylvester and Tweety are the best choice.


Rating:  Sylvester and Tweety: 9.5 out of 10 and
Bugs Bunny:  9 out of 10

The eyes threw me off a bit on both Bugs and Sylvester, but otherwise they’re fine. I knocked off a few points for the paint on Bugs, but give him an extra .5 if you find one with a better paint job.

 funko pop bugs bunny sylvester and tweety figure review - wide shot

Where to get it?  You might still be able to find these guys at FYE or Target, but the easier option is to just get them on Amazon.

Here’s the link for Bugs Bunny and here’s the link for Sylvester and Tweety.