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Marvel Legends Archangel figure review

I got into X-Men after the original great epics like Dark Phoenix, The Brood Saga and Days of Future Past. I started regularly reading the title around Mutant Massacre at which time I was hooked on its second spin-off title, X-Factor. The fun loving Angel’s transformation into Archangel was one of the most memorable twists before or since in comics for me.

Hasbro released a Marvel Legends Archangel figure earlier, but saw an opportunity to fine tune their old figure. Considering the aftermarket price on the original figure, a re-release was appreciated. I didn’t ‘need’ this figure like I did some others second chance figures, but the new paint job and accessories made it more than worthwhile.  

Packaging:  Hasbro is experimenting more with deluxe packaging. In fairness, Archangel was released earlier in the regular blister card. This set up just allows for a wider wingspan and a showcase of the various accessories.

marvel legends archangel figure review - package bio

The bio is good, but I do find it weird that Hasbro doesn’t include team affiliation with characters. Odd note, the back image identifies him as Marvel’s X-Force Archangel.

marvel legends archangel figure review - wide shot

Likeness:  For the most part, this figure is a re-release of the original Marvel Legends Hasbro version. The big changes are fists replacing the trigger hands and different feet. The headsculpt remains just as impressive with a stern focused expression. I wish Hasbro went with a different body i.e. the Sunfire mold as it has those great butterfly joints that would increase the poseability and add a bit more size than the Bucky Cap mold.

The wing design is terrific and a big improvement over the Toy Biz version, which felt undersized. These capture the terrifying and majestic visual of Archangel’s wings. I love the engineering of them as they’re massive, but aren’t so overpowering that he’s impossible to stand or looks lost in them.

marvel legends archangel figure review - with jean grey, iceman and bishop

Scale:  Since he’s using the Bucky Cap mold, Archangel doesn’t look as tall as I envisioned, but it’s more the width that’s a ‘problem.’ Considering his power and skill set, he shouldn’t be too brawny and wide. Short of the Sunfire mold, this was still the best choice.

marvel legends archangel figure review - original x-factor


Paint:  Until this figure was released I would have been perfectly content with my original Archangel. But now? It’s no contest. The updated version features a far more stunning and comic book accurate take on Archangel. The colors pop with the lighter blues and reds.

The line work is crisp with no real obvious flaws despite the red over the blue. This enhancement carries over to the wings as they’re painted with a shiny metallic silver instead of the dull grey of the first version. It’s crazy how much better this figure looks with a new paintjob.

marvel legends archangel figure review - slicing through iceman decoy

Articulation:  Like I mentioned earlier, the Sunfire mold would have allowed for some slightly cooler flying poses. Not that this figure can’t be posed effectively. You should be able to manage some dynamic flight and fight poses.

marvel legends archangel figure review - flying over beast and iceman

marvel legends archangel figure review - vs wolverine

Archangel has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • biceps
  • elbows (double-jointed)
  • wrists
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • boot
  • ankles

marvel legends archangel figure review - flying with psylocke

Accessories:  The big draw here for folks who got the original version is the accessories. Hasbro repurposed the Adam Warlock and Magus heads. I don’t think the Magus head makes a lot of sense, but it’s an extra.

marvel legends archangel figure review - peaceful head sculpt

The Warlock head actually is a smart reuse for an alternate Archangel look. It would have been nice if Hasbro included a folded down cowl version like they’ve done with Spider-Gwen.

marvel legends archangel figure review - accessories in tray

While I’m wish-listing, it also would have been cool to get a smaller wing attachment to show Archangel’s wings in a relaxed setting.

marvel legends archangel figure review - with death mask

For me the main selling point was the Death mask. I’m hoping Hasbro will release X-Factor versions of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast and Iceman. This mask is what Archangel wore when he first fought his old teammates. It’s not entirely comic accurate as it should have open eye slots, but otherwise it looks very cool.

marvel legends archangel figure review - guarding apocalypse

Additionally, Archangel comes with a claw intended for the Build A Figure Apocalypse. In essence you’re getting a BAF piece with him too making for a nice bonus.

Worth it?  I got Archangel for $26. That’s higher than a regular Marvel Legends, but given the exclusive nature of the figure and the additional accessories, it balances out. I definitely don’t think this is a figure that should be priced at $35.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Even if you have the original Hasbro Archangel, this upgrade is worth it thanks to the vibrant colors and part enhancements. Now let’s get the rest of X-Factor, Hasbro!

marvel legends archangel figure review - soaring

Where to get it?  This is a Gamestop and online exclusive. With the sale right now, Gamestop is the best option.