Exorsisters #2 review

Exorsisters is one of those books that seems destined for a large following. Its second issue further shows that this is a title that’s begging for some sort of adaptation whether an animated series, a live action series/movie or even a video game. There’s a ton of potential here and it’s inevitable that it will expand beyond a comic book. Until then, readers are being treated to a very and easy read.

Ian Boothby writes a breezy story that has Kate and Cate dealing with a possessed father, which isn’t nearly as bad as dealing with their mother. Boothby smoothly weaves the sisters’ origin story in a way that doesn’t read like a big information dump.
A major reason for that is Boothby making the mother a character who if she’s not totally sympathetic is at least understandable in some of her actions. And with so many comic writers leaning on lengthy story arcs, it was nice to read what felt like a comprehensive story in one issue. Maybe it plays out a little too simple, but that’s part of the charm.

The sisters’ origin is pretty clever and a nice twist that definitely doesn’t play out like I expected. I love how Cate is basically a snarky commentary track throughout the retelling of the story.

exorsisters #2
Gisele Lagace’s artwork is gorgeous. She has this classic romance comic style that makes Exorsisters look so inviting. Pete Pantazis’ bright colors also add to the warm feel. Given the subject matter, a lot of artists would take this down a much darker path, but the cheery slightly cartoonish art is a smart contrast.
I wasn’t sure what to expect with Exorsisters, but it was a very pleasant surprise and one I would have to be possessed to miss another issue.
Rating: 9.5 out of 10
Photo Credit: Image Comics