Arrow: The Demon review S7 E5

The Demon was another complicated juggling act for Arrow. That meant no advancement on the mysterious Green Arrow or Future Roy and William subplot. As those are the two most interesting subplots this season, that led to an episode that was largely uneventful.

Oliver really didn’t think his whole level down gameplan out too well, did he? He seems completely baffled that he’s not in control of the situation. You’d think Oliver would consider maybe this isn’t the best tactic if I want to find out Diaz’s inside man.

Easily the most frustrating part about this entire subplot is it’s lack of direction. Oliver is in prison. What good does knowing Diaz’s whereabouts do? And Felicity and ARGUS have already found him so it’s not like Oliver is getting a cheat code.

Time to meet The Demon — it’s Talia al Ghul (Lexa Doig). She wound up at Slabside courtesy of an old foe in Gotham. Batwoman? I kinda feel like Oliver should have pieced together the only three viable candidates to be The Demon. It’s not like it was going to be Count Vertigo.

Like everyone else she survived the bombing on Lian Yu. Oliver suddenly wants nothing to do with his only lead to get out of Slabside. After seeing a fellow patient end up on the wrong side of the slab, Oliver is down to team up provided Talia helps him expose the truth about Dr. Parker.

‘Ra’s death was my fault. I couldn’t see past what he was going to do to my city so I didn’t stop and think about his family and for that I’m truly sorry.’

Are you kidding me? Ra’s was going to destroy the city and now Oliver has to apologize for not thinking about the murderer’s family? That’s absurd. I’m used to Oliver apologizing to Felicity even when he’s right, but now we’re getting ridiculous.

Felicity and Laurel continue their odd bonding. I love Katie Cassidy and all, but I’m find it an incredible stretch that Team Arrow is cool operating with her in any context. It’s like, oh yeah, it’s been a whole six months — totally cool exchanging barbs after you killed my boyfriend. Course Felicity sure got over Oliver killing her fiance so this shouldn’t be surprising.

arrow the demon review - dinah and laurel

Emily Bett Rickards is really struggling to pull off Felicity’s frustration. I’m not sure if it’s the script or her line delivery, but Felicity dramatic scenes have been consistently bad this season. I loved that Felicity fully expected the crooked wing of the prison to just be readily available on the Internet.

After getting the jump on Parker, why wouldn’t Oliver just email the files to Felicity instead of worrying with a flash drive? At least this led to a pretty entertaining hallway fight with some of the guards. He’s going to stay behind and give Talia the flash drive. This seems needlessly dramatic.

Why not just escape Slabside and go on the run? This is the first time where the prison subplot feels like it’s treading water. Oliver’s back to Level 1 and Stanley gives him Felicity’s message. Yep, who’s the smart guy for staying behind now, Oliver?

With the truth about Parker’s experiments revealed, Laurel is convinced she’s got enough to get Oliver out of prison. Clearly she’s not as quick with her legal degree as Curtis with his 80 PhDs. This must be comic book TV show law.

Team Felicity? Ha-ha. I always thought that was the name of this group since Season 3. Parker won’t be a problem anymore since Talia kills him. But will this keep Oliver in prison longer? Please say no.


Over on the B subplot, Curtis has to go undercover since he’s the only one at ARGUS with 14 PhDs. Assuming Curtis was soooo smart he could complete a program in 2.5 years, that would still take 35 YEARS. And when would Curtis find the time to train and be an Olympic athlete?

This subplot solely seems to be because Curtis has done all of jack nothing so far this season. Basically, Curtis has been going through a lack of confidence and needed Diggle to give him a pep talk. I really need to make a T-shirt saying ‘I learned how to disarm a bomb in less than 20 keystrokes.’

arrow the demon review - oliver in level two

Easily the biggest development occurred in the last minute where Diaz tracked down Anatoly and killed off his men. The shot of Anatoly’s men plummeting to the ground was very cool since The Silencer kept muting their screams.

The Demon happened. It’s one of those episodes that paid off a lingering mystery without making it feel important and kept Oliver stuck in prison. Super-powered Diaz on the payback trail has potential, but he’s really been more of a villain to go after Team Arrow before settling fringe scores.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW