DC Comics reviews 11/28/18

Titans #30

titans 30

The strength of the previous Titans team was the tight bond of the group. While the villains might not always be the most threatening it was easy to appreciate the family feel writer Dan Abnett established. Titans #30 takes the next step to evolving this group to their own unique family unit.

In a lot of ways this issue plays out like the Young Justice episode where the team is broken and shattered and finally learns to trust each other. Given the shaky foundation of the team, this is a big deal and actually feels well earned.

Miss Martian has reverted to her normal state while Gar has beasted out in an uncontrollable rage. The emergency beacon is shattered and Donna Troy isn’t sure she can stand this team anymore. It’s a fitting rock bottom moment for the group and a perfect precipice from which they can begin to come back from together.

Minkyu Jung’s pencils are a solid fit for Titans. Occasionally the side shots of character faces are a bit rough, but Jung compensates with some dynamic action sequences. It’s too bad DC keeps this rotating cast of artists as Jung is the kind of artist whose work continues to improve the longer they’re on a consistent title.

I wish the alternate cover didn’t spoil the big arrival. With changes to his pocket of the universe, a prolonged stint with the Titans would be ideal and this character fits in nicely with the current makeup of the team.

Titans has been a welcome surprise in the last few months and Abnett has an exciting direction laid out for the team. Titans is now becoming the team book fans always knew it could be in the Rebirth era.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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