DC Comics reviews 11/28/18

Detective Comics #993

detective comics 993

James Robinson ends his brief Detective Comics run in style with the final chapter of his Deface the Face saga. The issue opens with the shocking reveal that Two-Face died fighting Kobra alongside Batman.

Initially the priest’s eulogy seems a bit heavy-handed, but it makes for a good joke from Alfred later on. Robinson then flashes back to Harvey’s final moments as he and Batman fight Kobra separately. An off-camera death seems a bit suspicious and fortunately, Robinson makes the twist worthwhile.

After some early problems, Robinson’s Batman and Two-Face read far more like I envision ‘hearing’ them. Robinson adds in some nice scenes between the two characters that were some of the best moments of his arc.

Carmine di Giandomenico’s art is incredible. Hopefully, DC has his next project lined up already as this arc was a great reminder of his skill set and unique style. And whatever that next project is, di Giandomenico will absolutely have to bring along his frequent collaborator Ivan Plascencia. This is a strong pairing and one that would certainly help boost some lower profile books in need of a creative jumpstart.

Like he did with Wonder Woman, Robinson doesn’t disrupt too much of the established continuity to tell his story. That’s a trait I’m becoming more appreciative of as some creators come on board a title and unravel it completely. Robinson respectfully comes in, tells his story and leaves things just as he found them for the next creator.

There were some rough patches, but in the end, I liked this arc and the story Robinson told. It’s not a Detective Comics defining run, but it was an enjoyable enough story to warrant checking out.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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