DC Comics reviews 11/28/18

Heroes in Crisis #3

heroes in crisis 3

This is the issue of Heroes in Crisis the mini-series needed. No, writer Tom King didn’t spill the beans on the murderer, but we get some valuable insight on how Sanctuary was supposed to operate.

I like the rollout of Sanctuary guests and this time King keeps his focus tight on Lagoon Boy, Wally West and Booster Gold. This is an odd trio as Lagoon Boy was a never was, Booster is a never will be and Wally is a has been to some degree.

Initially, Heroes in Crisis was this mad dash to learn who got killed and the second issue was trying to make sense of the story. This was the first issue that felt more like King was truly able to settle in and tell the story he’s wanted to all along.


Lee Weeks handles the bulk of the art this issue with Clay Mann knocking out the bookend pages. Weeks’ style lends itself well to maintaining the look of Mann’s artwork. Weeks has the most emotional material of the series so far and he handles it magnificently. If Mann isn’t able to maintain the monthly schedule, Weeks would be the ideal insurance policy to guarantee the art won’t have any let down.

As has become a common theme with the series so far, the last page provides another big revelation. This time with the reveal of another guest at Sanctuary. One who very easily could be the cause of the death and confusion. King had been working a slow burn, but now Heroes in Crisis is starting to heat up and its potential is finally starting to be realized in a big way. I might not be looking forward to another book next month as much as issue 4.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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