DC Comics reviews 11/28/18

Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe #5

injustice vs masters of the universe 5

Skeletor’s end game takes the forefront in the penultimate issue of one of the year’s best series. Playing all the angles, Skeletor struck alliances with Injustice Superman and Wonder Woman while having a secret deal with Darkseid. But both factions quickly learn the only person Skeletor truly is aligned with is himself.

This leads to a massive throwdown with Skeletor’s minions against Darkseid’s lackeys.

Meanwhile, Prince Adam and Batman strike a reluctant alliance with Superman and his allies in order to withstand Darkseid’s onslaught.

Writer Tim Seeley never misses the chance to set up dream matches and he’s constantly showcasing his love of both properties. Granny Goodness mentions Teela would have been a fine addition to the Female Furies while Mantis and Evil-Lynn square off.

Seeley keeps bringing the fun and imagination to this mini-series. He’s so well attuned to what works and what makes sense for the characters. With such a massive cast, having Trap Jaw or Zatanna act out of character wouldn’t be shocking, but Seeley has everyone’s voice and actions down perfectly.

Artist Freddie E. Williams II refuses to be overwhelmed and seemingly dares Seeley to throw more over the top, grandiose battle scenes for him to tackle. The Superman/Darkseid fight looks like an animated movie. Williams’ layouts are always slanted with an eye for the dramatic making for some of the liveliest pages in any book going today. Colorist Jeremy Colwell and letterer Wes Abbott add their special touches to finish the amazing art.

We’ve got one more issue and Seeley ends this one with a crazy cliffhanger. This book has been so much fun I’m not ready for it to end. But if issue #6 is anywhere near as good as this, we’re in for an incredible finale.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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