DC Comics reviews 11/28/18

The Flash #59

the flash 59

The Flash and Iris’s trip to Gorilla City leads to tragedy as they learn a long held secret while trouble keeps coming after them.

What’s been really cool about writer Joshua Williamson’s run on The Flash is that it feels in a lot of ways like the universe expansion Geoff Johns did with Green Lantern. Johns could have been content having Hal Jordan and company battling Sinestro and all the established villains, but he not only gave Sinestro his own Corps, but expanded the mythology to include various Corps.

Now Williamson is exploring a similar path with a greater legacy behind the Forces. This issue, Barry and Iris learn the Forces have been around for much longer than they expected.

Additionally, Williamson has used an alternate Captain Cold and turned him into one of Flash’s strongest allies. And now Williamson is adding new villains that aren’t Rogues, but Force users.

Rafa Sandoval has come on board as artist at an ideal time. Williamson is fully tapping in to his creativity and crafting new rogues for Sandoval to debut. Last issue featured Gemini and a new villain arrives this issue. Sandoval uses one of the better blends of classic Silver Age style with timeless portrayals of the heroes and a more modern sensibility regarding the action sequences. I’m a big fan of his art and his arrival on The Flash guarantees some amazing artwork. Tomeu Morey’s colors aren’t as bright and bombastic as previous Flash colorists, but it works with Sandoval’s art.

The universe building in The Flash has been some of the best we’ve seen out of the DC Rebirth era. It really feels like Flash has been built up with new characters, challenges and adventures.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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