DC Comics reviews 11/28/18

The Terrifics #10

the terrifics 10

The Terrifics and Tom Strong’s family unite to stop Doc Dread, but will they really have to work too hard to beat Java?

The Terrifics Annual #1 was very helpful in covering all the important aspects of this story. Writer Jeff Lemire wraps up a lot of the almost yearlong stories here setting the foundation for the next run of arcs. To some extent, the resolution to this arc was underwhelming and the team-up with Tom Strong’s family ended on an odd note. The character interaction we did get was fun and hopefully the Strongs and Terrifics will have another team up in the future.

Viktor Bogdanovic is one of those artists whose style works for very specific properties. With its array of characters and action, Terrifics isn’t exactly the best fit. One issue is Bogdanovic doesn’t always choose the best layouts for the action and goes wide too often, which leads to skimped out details like character faces. He’s going to be sticking around on the book for the foreseeable future so hopefully it’s just a case of the regular team and Tom Strong’s crew being a bit much for one issue. For this issue at least the inconsistent art was distracting.

Given the way the New Age of Heroes rollout has played out, the ending of this issue might be cause for some concern, but don’t worry — the gang will be back next month for a new installment.

The teams beat Doc Dread and his ally a little too easily, but Lemire isn’t done making him a big player in the book. Upcoming solicitations tease a very fun upcoming storyline that serves as another tribute to the Fantastic Four.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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