Arrow: Due Process review S7 E6

Due Process seemed to lay the groundwork for Oliver’s release from prison in an otherwise slow episode of Arrow.

The main arc was the mostly reunited Team Arrow trying to stop Diaz from blowing up a factory. Diaz opted against killing Anatoly for ‘reasons’ and Anatoly reluctantly tagged along for the rest of the episode. I won’t complain much since I’ve always liked him, but Diaz could have left the same message with a dead Anatoly.

Felicity keeps venturing further towards the dark side even if it doesn’t come across as remotely believable. Whatever the opposite of killing it, that’s Felicity trying to act tough. I just don’t buy this Taken version of Felicity and it’s growing more aggravating that no one is calling her out on her reckless actions. In a rare moment, Felicity tried to apologize for putting Anatoly in a bad spot and he just blew it off.

arrow due process review -felicity and diggle

Is anyone else finding it weird that Felicity can’t just be the remote tech whiz and now actually has to come on missions? It’s not like she’s going to be able to do anything useful in a fight unless there’s some League of Shadows ninjas around cause they suck at fighting.

It’s hilarious that Diggle goes with Team Arrow to stop Diaz and the Longbow Hunters and is the only one in body armor. Felicity and Curtis are barely wearing fall jackets. I’m not sure who looks goofier in this scenario — Diggle for going full armor or the rest of the team? Can’t Diggle just ask ARGUS to rock a Green Arrow outfit while he’s on the field? He’s got the experience. Thanks to a timely assist from Green Arrow III, Diaz is busted…again.

Laurel was also heavily featured as she tried to get Oliver released from prison on the grounds of his beatings. And that whole screwy deal with the FBI. Maybe if Felicity hadn’t gotten Watson fired she could be useful here? Laurel’s speech to the judge was real heavy handed. It’s possible Laurel doesn’t have a firm a grasp on the legal process as she thinks?


I’m convinced the writers are now just hoping no one bothered to watch last season. That’s the only possible reason they’d be trying to sell the Laurel redemption arc so hard. She killed Vince! Now Dinah is giving her pep talks about being a better hero? C’mon. At least Oliver was rightfully pissed off at her although given his circumstances he probably should be a lot more forgiving.

In another hilarious moment, Laurel scolds Oliver for not recognizing that she has some good in her. She’s not all bad. Again, Laurel is a murderer who was sucking face with the big bad last season. Somehow this was easier to swallow when Quentin was still around. At least his obsession with projecting Laurel to be a hero made sense. But with Diaz

arrow due process review - laurel

Oliver’s subplot took a backseat this episode presumably so Stephen Amell could shoot scenes for the Elseworlds crossover. A prison guard got killed and Stanley somehow got fingered for it. Slabside’s justice system is warped. Kill a guard and that just ends you a trip in the hole?

Oliver didn’t really do a lot in clearing Stanley since he found Ben Turner’s knife hidden in a wall. That was a little too pat and Oliver is starting to suspect his pal Stanley. I’m trying to figure out the most satisfying reveal. That Stanely has been in league with Diaz all along or he’s a completely separate villain just screwing with Oliver. Looks like we’ll be finding that one real soon.

Again, there wasn’t much movement on the flash forward side. This mystery is being stretched real thin at this point and it’s time for some significant advancement. Right now it’s feeling like the flashbacks around Season 4 where nothing happened until the home stretch.

Due Process begins the final steps to get Oliver out of prison just in time for the big Arrowverse crossover. Maybe after that’s wrapped up, the season will start finding some clearer direction.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW