Blue Beetle movie plan confirms DC is beating Marvel Studios in one big way

The early reviews on Aquaman are very encouraging and more in line with Wonder Woman than Justice League. That’s a good sign for Warner Bros.’ DC film lineup. As is the news of a new superhero film in development. But the reveal that the new film in the works is Blue Beetle shows Warner Bros./DC is starting to beat Marvel Studios to the punch with underrepresented characters.

Blue Beetle will mark the first superhero blockbuster film starring a Latino hero. Jamie Reyes is a great character and is one of the few teen heroes who gives that classic Spider-Man tone without feeling like a rip off. Blue Beetle was prominently featured in Young Justice Season 2 and the recent Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Teen Titans films.

We’ve been in the modern comic book movie era for over a decade now, but it’s taken the last two years to have a film starring a black man and a woman.

This is a big deal and done correctly, could be the gateway for more Latino heroes to emerge on the big/small screen and in comics.

Hopefully the success of Blue Beetle will encourage more production studios (cough Marvel Studios) to dig deeper for more diverse headliners.

Sure, we had Catwoman and Supergirl (both films based off of DC characters), but Wonder Woman marked the first modern era comic book blockbuster starring a female character. Maybe not too surprisingly, Wonder Woman did silly numbers at the box office. It currently stands as the seventh highest grossing comic book movie of all time.


Marvel Studios had plenty of time to front a female-led film, but that won’t happen until next year with Captain Marvel. That’s the 21st film in the Marvel Studios catalogue. A long overdue Black Widow solo film is in the works as well, but that’s likely to arrive in theaters some time after Wonder Woman’s sequel in 2020. So over the span of three years, Warner Bros./DC will have more films starring a female as Marvel Studios has in 13 years.

That number includes the upcoming Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). The Margot Robbie-headlined film will include another comic book blockbuster first — an team comprised of all women.

Marvel Studios Executive Producer Kevin Feige has teased over the years an all-female Avengers film. That’s gained a bit more steam with prominent roles for characters like Gamora, The Wasp, Okoye, Mantis and Nebula. But in all likelihood, that will come out after Birds of Prey.

It’s interesting how Marvel Studios has paved the way for Hollywood in general with regards to franchise building, but has fallen behind the Distinguished Competition on this front.

Photo Credit: DC Comics