Kick-Ass #10 review — still kicking tail

As 2018 wraps, Kick-Ass is in a great place these days.

Writer Steve Niles is adding layers to the story. It’s not just an introduction to the new person in the outfit. There’s some welcome depth and Niles spends issue 10 setting the stage for the first big arc of 2019.

Patience has her hands full juggling her various roles as a mother, waitress, a college freshman and a kick tail vigilante.

I really liked how Niles paced the issue to touch on all of these areas in her life without making it feel like a filler issue. If anything this felt like a comprehensive look at the life of a vigilante. It also helps that Niles writes Patience as far more well-adjusted than the typical slightly psychotic vigilante.

Marcelo Frusin’s art continues to impress. Panel composition and detail is just right and they’re not too sparse or cluttered.

The only complaint I’ve got of Frusin’s work this issue was losing track of which hand Patience got stabbed. On some panels it’s the left while on others it’s the right hand. Sunny Gho’s colors are always solid and avoid the usual bleak and drab visual we typically get with street level heroes.

Niles also starts taking the series toward more of a superhero path with a new creepy villain who makes sure his fights aren’t fair. I’m looking forward to seeing what Patience and her gang will do against this kind of threat.

It’s a great time to be a Kick-Ass fan. The title has a great foundation and looks poised to have an even better 2019.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics