The Flash: The Icicle Cometh review S5 E6

The Icicle Cometh was a rough episode for The Flash. It was basically a snoozer paying off one of the season’s most underwhelming subplots.

Things got off to an encouraging note with Cicada killing another random meta. We’re getting close to the point where we need to learn his end game as he’s this Vader-speaking villain who kills metas for no purpose.

Team Flash goes off on various busy work assignments. Nora now wants to spend all her time with Iris and accompanies her and Sherloque on a mission to retrieve the satellite that led to the new influx of metas. Cecile and Ralph tracked down a FEMA list to gain some possible leads on Cicada’s identity while OG Team Flash helped Caitlin with her daddy issues.

the flash the icicle cometh review -nora and iris

It’s great that Caitlin has a subplot, but we’re back to the faithful Caitlin mission of finding/saving a broken man. The title kind of spoils the big reveal here, but it worked. Thomas Snow (Kyle Secor) had a half-baked story that Cisco immediately found suspicious.

Barry was ironically slow in piecing together the inconsistencies of the story until Thomas revealed his dominant alter ego, The Icicle, had taken control. I liked this link between father and daughter and this was as good a way to return Killer Frost to the fold. As much as I like the crossovers, it’s becoming a little weird that subplots have to get wrapped up so everything is back to normal.


I loved how the first Arrow and Firestorm team-up with Flash, Oliver wore his League of Assassins outfit to be in sync with the events from Season 3. Now all of the interesting developments that play out over the course of the season like Diggle Green Arrow get wiped out just before the big team-up.

Was Killer Frost really that important that Caitlin needed to be a full strength for the crossover? And it looks like all of the buildup with Cisco not being able to become Vibe again doesn’t matter either.

It was neat to hear a Victor Fries reference. Icicle was kind of a lame villain in he could take down all of Team Flash yet be unable to stop Killer Frost despite his experience edge. It’s still weird how the series continues to make Barry so slow to react to things that should never catch him off guard like Icicle’s paralyzing cold breath. He should be able to react quick enough to get away.

the flash the icicle cometh review - barry, caitlin and cisco in the north pole

While the Icicle subplot lacked heat, the other subplots were just unnecessary and silly. Cecile and Ralph’s mission was terrible and played strictly for laughs. This one almost needed the audience laughter sign. The Nora/Iris subplot was better, but didn’t add a lot to their dynamic.

The Icicle Cometh brought Killer Frost back to the fray, but suffered with some goofy subplots. It’s time for Cicada to start making a big move otherwise this season is going to feel like a real drag.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW