DC Comics reviews 12/5/18

Green Arrow #47

green arrow 47

The DC editorial team definitely left me confused with their decision to end the Benson siblings’ Green Arrow run so soon. While their Birds of Prey run was inconsistent, Julie and Shawna had a fun take on Green Arrow that definitely warranted more than one storyline.

This marks the final issue of The Citizen arc as Green Arrow and Black Canary take down the vigilante who was killing offending Star City residents. I liked the Nerve gimmick of viewers deciding the fate of Citizen’s captives. The Bensons work in a fun twist with Canary rescuing Oliver Queen from Citizen’s clutches.

German Peralta’s art was a nice revelation this issue. Hopefully the regular Marvel artist will have more DC gigs as his pages looked great. Green Arrow and Nightwing are two DC books that would benefit from a regular artist of Peralta’s quality. I loved the blight color palette John Kalisz used as too often the street level heroes’ comics are too muted.

This issue shows just how much fun an extended Bensons’ Green Arrow could have been. They had a great handle on the Green Arrow/Black Canary dynamic and Oliver as a character in general. They leave the title in solid position for the next creative team. Hopefully this won’t be a case where DC editors don’t realize too late that the ideal writers were already in place.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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