DC Comics reviews 12/5/18

Justice League #13

justice league 13

Remember how none of those Challenge of the Super Friends episodes featured Joker? That’s because he doesn’t play well with others. Lex Luthor forgot that and even worse, was under the impression he could betray Joker and avoid any consequences.

For this Legion of Doom spotlight issue, Luthor has to pay the piper….or Joker for aligning with The Batman Who Laughs. That deal nearly proves fatal for Luthor and the rest of the Legion.

With Black Manta kicked off the team, the Legion looks to pad their numbers with some new recruits including some familiar faces from the beloved cartoon. But how well does a recruitment drive go with a pissed off Joker? Answer: Not very well.

Writer James Tynion IV has a great take on the LOD and he’s starting to make the case for a LOD spinoff book. It would be fun to see the Justice League deal with some other threats while the LOD fought against some heroes that aren’t as prominent in the spotlight these days.

Guillem March handled the artwork this issue and it’s the one area where this didn’t match up to the JL standard. March is an artist whose work looks the best with lithe, slender characters a la Birds of Prey. He gets too detailed at times and his Joker and Luthor looked old instead of intense. Some of March’s panel transitions are too abrupt forcing the reader to fill in the gaps more often than usual.

While down two members, Tynion reveals the LOD will remain a threat thanks to a major ace up Luthor’s sleeve.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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