DC Comics reviews 12/5/18

Nightwing #54

nightwing 54

Ric Grayson gets a clean bill of health from Jonathan Crane while Sapienza gets help and recruits for his Nightwing squad.

The new status quo certainly seems to have legs as Ric is even less interested in learning more about his past than before. Sap and his three allies are learning the ropes of being vigilantes and juggling their day jobs. Add in Ric’s potential new love interest and Crane starting to make his move, this arc isn’t showing any signs of fatigue. Can this last for an entire year and still be entertaining? At the rate Scott Lobdell is plotting and Fabian Nicieza is scripting, it’s seeming increasingly possible.

I wasn’t as big a fan of the shared art workload from Will Conrad and Garry Brown. Conrad has an almost photo realistic style while Brown uses more of a rough, sketch-like approach. This made for a jarring looking issue with very abrupt transitions from artist to artist. It probably would have worked out slightly better if Conrad and Brown did an even split with 11 pages each. As good as Nightwing has been it would definitely benefit from a consistent top-notch artist.

Crane has operated on the fringe so far, but he’s apparently arrived at Bludhaven to target Nightwing and this issue teases he’s not working alone. Throwing in a new mystery should only further help to keep expanding the scope of the Ric Grayson arc.

I’m loving everything about the title now except for the inconsistent art. Once DC nails that down with a regular artist, Nightwing really could become one of the standout titles.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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