DC Comics reviews 12/5/18

Shazam #1

shazam 1
If there was one character who really felt off during the New 52 era it was Shazam. His makeover didn’t take and he felt wrong.
Given a second chance with the character and his new status quo as a foster child, Geoff Johns gets Billy Batson right this time. It’s one issue, but Shazam #1 is an encouraging sign that this could quickly emerge as one of the standout DC titles in 2019.
This is less a redo and more of a reintroduction with the rough edges polished. Shazam isn’t the only lightning-infused hero on the block as he’s given some of his power to his foster siblings. The Marvel Family has always been a key component of Captain Marvel and Johns sells it as a plus here.
Johns doesn’t worry with establishing a big villain or an overall story arc. This issue is just to showcase the family dynamic and establish a more traditional take on Billy. One that not so coincidentally looks to be in line with the upcoming movie’s version of the character.
Johns reunites with his Justice Society artist Dale Eaglesham and they make magic again. Eaglesham is an underrated artist, but he shows why he’s so talented here with lively posing of his characters that capture their childlike nature even in their superhero identities.
It’s also nice to see a far more diverse Marvel Family right down to the Latino foster parents. This was a terrific reminder of how much fun Shazam and the Marvel Family (updated name pending) can be in the right hands.
Also included is an eight page ‘origin story’ of sorts for Mary and when she began to bond with Freddy.
This was an exciting and fun kickoff to a series that has a ton of potential with this creative team.Rating: 10 out of 10

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