The Flash: O Come, All Ye Thankful review S5 E7

O Come, All Ye Thankful featured one big development, some questionable choices and a long overdue origin.

Easily one of the highlights was getting Cicada’s ‘origin’ story. Team Flash narrowed its search for Cicada as Barry visited the hospital with Orlin’s daughter only to get stopped by the doctor who told him Grace’s parents are dead. At first that seemed to be an outright lie, but as we learn from flashbacks, Orlin is actually her uncle.

Orlin was a regular aimless louse whose toxicity was rubbing off on Grace. While he didn’t want to be a parent, Orlin knew he needed to get his life together to take care of her. While celebrated a year of being on the right track, Flash’s fight with DeVoe left Grace comatose and Orlin impaled with satellite fragments and a new purpose. Killing metas is kind of a wide net and a rather unambitious plan. Hopefully, Cicada has an actual goal. At least this gave Orlin a solid motive for being the season’s big bad.

the flash o come all ye thankful review - orlin and grace

The Team Flash subplot was a lot shakier. Everyone was preparing for Thanksgiving. Since Jesse L. Martin is on leave, that meant Cecile had to sit this Thanksgiving episode out. Ralph was also benched to be with family he’s never felt the need to be around either.

This week’s main focus was Nora learning the risks that come with being a hero. Seriously, what the heck was Nora doing in the future? Did she literally just grab a costume and go to the past? The writers have really wasted Nora’s potential by making her a superhero-in-training instead of a fully formed hero. It’s forcing the show to revisit so many plot points from earlier seasons that it’s becoming frustrating.

There was one nice scene when Nora thought Barry was electrocuted before she jump sparked him back. Nora has some anger abandonment issues with Barry sacrificing himself to save everyone and leaving her.

Given her knowledge of the future, Nora’s panic attack seemed unwarranted. This wasn’t the Crisis so Barry is in no real danger of dying…yet.


O Come All Ye Thankful’s Rogue of the Week was Joss Mardon (Reina Hardesty) aka Weather Witch. She wanted her father Mark (Liam McIntyre). Not for a joyful reunion, but to kill him. The big problem with this subplot came early on as Joss came in like a clear threat and Barry decides to take Mark from prison away from her. Why wouldn’t Barry just put Joss in a containment cell? I know that means no villain of the week, but Barry’s questionable decision immediately took me out of the Weather Witch subplot.

Joss demands Team Flash bring Mark to her or else she’ll obliterate Central City. After some hesitation, Nora grants Barry permission to go save the city and to work in the series’ catchphrase — Run Dad Run. This all felt a bit too over the top. Weather Witch hardly came across like a threat and it was weird how this one time XS didn’t want to be in the middle of the action.

Sherloque didn’t have much use for Thanksgiving and proceeded to be a major buzzkill for Cisco and Caitlin. Thankfully, Killer Frost shows up to get everyone out of their funk. Sherloque proved his worth this episode with his hilarious ‘to the colonizers’ toast. That was pretty funny. I was a bit disappointed Barry didn’t carve up the turkey in super speed.

the flash o come all ye thankful review - team flash

Apparently, Team Flash doesn’t believe in Black Friday shopping as they’re back in STAR Labs. Cisco and Sherloque tapped the hospital CCTV and have found the one way who always visits Grace. They’ve finally been able to track down Cicada. That’s about eight episodes faster than I anticipated. Not bad.

O Come All Ye Thankful had some weird moments and the standard non-threatening rogue, but Orlin’s backstory and Team Flash learning his identity made this a significant episode.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW