The Magic Order #5 review

Wow. Ever think you know how a series is going to go and then it goes completely another way? That’s The Magic Order #5, which is an incredible mind screw that’ll have you putting a curse on writer Mark Millar for making us wait 30 days for the next issue.

The Moonstone siblings are bracing for their showdown with Madame Albany. But to do that Gabriel has to take his wife to sanctity. Millar does a fantastic job of selling the uneasiness and rising tension on the dawn of this showdown.

In one of the coolest segments of the series so far, Gabriel takes Madame Albany’s driver through a literary sense of torture. It’s so creative and takes full advantage of this wide open world of magic. Millar is really in the zone with this title and coming up with some magical scenarios that never fail to mesmerize.


I love Olivier Coipel’s artwork. It’s been consistently great all series and he crafts some other big scenes that would make for tremendous showcases in an Art of The Magic Order book. Dave Stewart’s colors are beautiful. He makes a shot outside a diner look real.

The odds are against the siblings and Millar teases that someone has been working against the family all along. Betrayal is a hallmark of mob movies and Millar makes sure that has a major impact this issue. This series has hardly been predictable and Millar keeps delivering big moments each issue. With the shocking cliffhanger here the wait for the next installment is going to seem excruciating.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics