Hit-Girl #11 review – Mindy strikes back

Hit-Girl #11 was the crazy action spectacle I’ve been waiting on with this Rome arc. There’s few things more deviously fun than watching Mindy on the loose and her creative ways to maim and dismember.

Writer Rafael Scavone eases into the mayhem this issue as Mindy learns the origin of Il Capo Di Roma. As far as Hit-Girl villains go, she’s been a lot of fun and kinda reminds me of Ma Gnucci from The Punisher series. She’s just as twisted, sinister and unpredictable as Mindy and makes for a good foil. Typically, Mindy doesn’t leave any enemies around long enough to become arch-enemies, but Il Capo would be a fun long-term foe.

While she’s happy for the help in rescuing her father, La Gatta, had no idea she was aligning with a mini murder machine. And when it’s time for the action to get started, Scavone unleashes Mindy in one of her craziest rampages yet.

I feel some kind of wrong for laughing at how Mindy eviscerates her opponents, but it’s so over the top that it works.


There’s something about the glee artist Rafael Albuquerque puts on Hit-Girl that wonderfully captures that she’s not alright. Most kids don’t have that kind of demented sense of violence, but for Mindy it’s when she’s her truest self. Albuquerque gets that and his Hit-Girl is a fluid, sword slinging buzz saw.

Colorist Marcelo Maiolo always strikes the best choices to showcase Rome’s beauty mixed with the carnage Mindy provides.

I’ve really enjoyed the creative team rotation format of the series so far, but with Scavone and Albuquerque, this feels like the duo best suited for Mindy’s particular brand of mayhem.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Photo Credit: Image Comics