Supergirl: Elseworlds Part 3 review S4 E9

Yeah, I’m not even gonna bother burying the lede. Besides, Lois would appreciate it. Next year we’re actually getting a Crisis on Infinite Earths Arrowverse crossover! That was easily the biggest reveal of Elseworlds Part 3. Let’s break down how we got there.

I was wrong on my guess that the black and silver Superman was the Injustice version. It was just Deegan living out his Superman fantasy. In my continuing efforts to be that guy, I’ll echo captive Kara’s question to him: why wouldn’t he be the more powerful Supergirl instead?

Deegan operates out of STAR Labs with sycophants Diggle and Killer Frost. It’s weird that he’d want to be there instead of his ‘home base’ of Arkham. For the sake of the crossover, Deegan had to rewrite his world and include Kara and Alex, with the latter being one of his subordinates. That was weird as he’d have no reason to bring Alex into this world.

Killer Frost questions how things have gone with Alex’s boyfriend. Maybe she hasn’t met Maggie yet on this Earth? Another question: why has Caitlin gotten more screen time than Iris or Felicity? And why did Dinah, Rene, Curtis, Ralph and Nora have to completely sit this out? But it turns out Maggie is a lesbian on this Earth reality too. That made zero sense. The whole concept of Deegan’s Earth is twisting reality and making good bad and vice versa.

supergirl elseworlds part 3 - barry, oliver and james

Barry and Oliver stumble into a room and encounter The Monitor. While he’s still being extremely vague, The Monitor suggests that he is testing them.

Following the everyone good is bad in this reworked world logic, Barry and Oliver head to a bar to talk to Cisco. It’s there we get the long-awaited Legends of Tomorrow tie-in…with Gary. Ugh. Of all the characters they go with the most annoying of the bunch.

Cisco is a crime boss and his bodyguard is James. If Elseworlds Part 3 taught us anything it’s that Supergirl needs to get put in the regular Earth to avoid these confusing gaps in logic. Barry and Oliver do manage to get Evil Cisco to go along with their plan to warp them to Earth-38 to grab Superman.

In a nice switch, this Superman actually stops fighting to help save people in the crosshairs. Elseworlds Part 3 continued the random references as a woman shouts out Bizarro for some reason. What would that even mean in this context?

Just like in Final Crisis, it falls on Superman to fix things with the book. This was odd as it seemed to take a long time to fix Deegan’s alterations. Deegan Superman apparently is stronger than Supergirl as he knocks her back with his heat vision. I’m so confused.

With Deegan in possession of the book once again, the Big 4 has to come up with a plan. Barry and Kara will run and fly at opposite angles around the world to slow down time. Clark isn’t on board with this plan as he sees them die. Crisis foreshadowing?

supergirl elseworlds part 3 - oliver

While Superman tries to stop Deegan, Oliver confronts The Monitor again and says Barry and Kara can’t die because they inspire hope. If The Monitor needs a balance, what should he do instead? RIP Arrow?

Deegan won’t go down without a fight and brings out Amazo take down Superman. Just Superman? What about Ultrawoman, Dark Arrow, The Witches and Felicity if he really wants to bring out the big guns?

But thanks to a warp, Lois proves worthy with her magic hammer and brings Brainac-5 and Martian Manhunter as reinforcements. Why would Brainy even be around Lois? I feel like John would reach out to Mon-El and the Legion first.

Just as Barry and Kara start disintegrating, Oliver arrives and shoots a special arrow into the book. It leads to Deegan getting a true Dr. Destiny skull face. Now it’s time to wind things down kids.

The coddling of Supergirl whenever Superman is around is hilarious. It’s become a running joke. Superman tells Kara she really is so much stronger than him. If this really were the case would she need this constant propping up? Lois says women handle crisis better than men anyway.


It’s going to be awesome when the Supergirl writers realize they can have Superman on screen with Supergirl without clumsily trying to convey that she’s better. That’s Superman. It’s not like he’s Mon-El who isn’t at her level. You’ll note J’onn never felt the need to do that for Megan when she was around.

Turns out Superman has to be off planet for Supergirl to truly be special. Lois is pregnant and she doesn’t want to get knocked into orbit when Jon starts kicking. Back to Argo City. How weird was it that Supergirl felt the need to write out a cameo character?

I love that Clark had a grill at the Fortress of Solitude. In a cool reference to old DC media, Lois is wearing a gown similar to the one the character wore in Superman II. Clark proposes, but will the wedding be in Earth-1 or Earth-38? Clearly, Kara is going to have to be the best man.

crisis on infinite earths

At Central City, Barry and Oliver have a drink and again Oliver is not down with hugging it out. Oliver hugs everyone. What’s the deal with Barry? Oliver teases he made a deal with The Monitor, but we won’t learn what that is yet. Batwoman calls Oliver up asking about Deegan being a problem. Why would she have his number?

Deegan just so happens to be in a cell next to Psycho Pirate who tells him the multiverse is on its way out as a Crisis is coming. I was hoping for a teaser shot of the Anti-Monitor, but the font and actual Crisis on Infinite Earths logo was a great reveal.

Elseworlds Part 3 continued the fun nature of this crossover, which accomplished its big goal of getting us hyped for next year’s mega event.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW