Titans: Koriand’r review S1 E10 review

Koriand’r felt like the first episode of Titans where Rachel’s subplot really came together. Even with a less than traditional presentation of Trigon.

This was an interesting episode in the fact that Rachel was just as big a part of it as Kory. We started out seeing Rachel’s side of her nightmare haze as she called out to Hank and Dawn. This still wasn’t entirely clear how she was communicating through time however.

Turns out the calls for help weren’t necessary since Dick brought Donna, who yolked Kory up with her magic lasso and knocked her out. It was pretty exciting seeing Donna’s lasso actually lit up. I’m ready to see full costumes for Donna and Kory now please.

Kory doesn’t remember anything that happened, but after seeing Rachel’s reaction, she heads out to gather her thoughts. Her memories are coming back and Kory isn’t sure what to make of them. In another nice superhero moment, Donna throws a star shaped tracker on Kory’s car and quips that Dick isn’t the only one with cool gadgets.

titans koriand'r review - dick

I get the sense the writers are trying to figure out who will actually make up the Titans, but Donna definitely needs to be on the team. In just two episodes she’s brought a dynamic that’s been missing. Her friendship with Dick is a welcome dimension as well since he’s not as distant with her. And Donna can call him out like knowing he’s sleeping with Kory. Then in the same sentence mention how he’s always drawn to dangerous women except for Dawn, which Dick completed f’d up. I love that sibling style relationship they have.

It doesn’t take long for them to track Kory, who stopped at a warehouse. Inside was her spaceship and the final reminders of her identity. She’s Koriand’r from Tamaran. Her mission was to stop Rachel from being used as the gateway to prevent Trigon from destroying the universe.


Back at Angela’s, Gar is noticing something is not quite right at the house. He’s starting to see the same crazy visions that have plagued Rachel all season. And now he’s getting sick. I’m hoping this is the start of him tapping into his full changeling abilities so he can be more than a tiger. Thankfully Gar avoided the standard comic book TV trope of keeping his concerns a secret and told Rachel something is wrong with this place.

Angela is helping Rachel deal with her conflicted thoughts for her friends and wondering if she’s to blame for Kory’s actions or Gar’s sickness. And hey, we might get a new love interest in Angela’s childhood friend, who’s now the county sheriff. Titans has done a great job of making every new character seem shifty so I was immediately suspicious.

But as Gar starts bleeding, my suspicions were on the wrong person — as Dick, Donna and Kory also learn. Angela has been working with Trigon all along. This is a switch for comic book fans who knew Raven’s mother was terrified of her demonic lover. After killing the well-meaning sheriff, Angela goads Rachel into summoning Trigon to save Gar.

titans koriand'r review - rachel and gar

And it’s Trigon who emerges from the mirror not Rachel’s demon self. That’s interesting as maybe all along this was Trigon playing with Rachel’s head and not her inner demons? I wasn’t expecting a red dude with three eyes, but this take on the character wasn’t immediately intimidating.

Trigon stops Gar’s bleeding as it’s probably too soon to think he’s helped him for altruistic reasons. Especially when Angela asks if it’s time to eat the world and Trigon says they’ll wait until Rachel’s heart is broken. He knows Dick, Donna and Kory have arrived and it’s almost time for a showdown.

Koriand’r really played out like a mystery horror movie with a constant sense that something terrible was imminent. This show continues to be a pleasant surprise with its bold changes to the source material.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment