IDW to relaunch new Transformers series that explores a peaceful Cybertron

Imagine a Cybertron before the war and you’ve got the basis for the new Transformers series coming next year from IDW.

This is an exciting time for Transformers fans with the new Bumblebee film opening in theaters this weekend.

Here’s the details:

Available twice monthly, IDW’s Transformers comic will be written by Brian Ruckley, author of the Godless World fantasy trilogy, and illustrated by Angel Hernandez (Star Trek: Discovery – Succession) and Ron Joseph (Micronauts: Wrath of Karza).

In this new Transformers comic, IDW will explore Cybertron in ways never seen by audiences before – delving into an idyllic society, peaceful for thousands of years, as it faces the most momentous event in its history: the mysterious end of a single life.

Through the eyes of young Bumblebee and his friends, fans will witness conspiracies forming, harmony giving way to conflict, and the very fabric of Cybertronian civilization tearing itself apart.

I’m curious who else will be the witnesses to the end of Cybertron’s peace. We’ve seen that touched on in other books so I wonder what changes we’ll see with this series. I’m very excited about the twice a month release schedule as it will help keep the momentum going from issue to issue.


‘Bringing Transformers fans this story is a real privilege,’ Ruckley said. ‘But just as important, it’s an amazing opportunity for new readers to discover and explore one of the biggest universes – and one of the best casts of characters – that science fiction has to offer, and to get in right at the start of a truly epic saga.’

new transformers comic series - megatron, optimus prime, kup, prowl and arcee

‘In my youth, I devoured everything Transformers – toys, comics, the cartoon, the movie – with a Unicron-like hunger,’ Ron Joseph said. ‘Robots in Disguise’ dominated my every waking moment. To join IDW’s creative team for the launch of a Transformers comic is staggering, and easily one of the greatest moments of my life.’

Photo Credit: IDW