DC Comics reviews 12/18/18

Aquaman #43

aquaman 43

Recently it seems like every other month another DC hero loses their memory.

It’s a reliable story angle for writers looking to explore the core concept of the hero even they don’t remember what made them a hero. Nightwing is tackling that so well right now I was leery of Aquaman also following that trend.

The Drowned Earth mini-event gave the new creative team of writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Robson Rocha a clean slate for their take on Aquaman.

This debut issue was a strong one even if I’m not entirely sold on the need for Aquaman to be an amnesiac.
Arthur washed up on a shore on the Village of Unspoken Water. To his core, Arthur tries to help those in need like most of the elderly villagers.

Arthur is drawn to Caille, a beautiful young woman who pulled him ashore. Caille also has a deep connection with the sea and finds its power worthy of respect.

But the villagers are on hard times and the only possible way to make things right is to send the mysterious stranger on a mission.

As far as a new arc, this is a compelling story. The only downside is DeConnick is writing a blank slate Aquaman instead of the established version. It would have been interesting to read DeConnick’s spin on the current situation in Atlantis, Arthur’s ties with the Justice League and adjusting to Mera’s rule. It’s tough to switch from the very fleshed out run of Dan Abnett to one with essentially all new characters, but DeConnick makes it work.


Rocha continued to improve with every issue on his Green Lanterns run and he’s reached a few more notches in the interim. Aquaman has featured some of the best art on DC books for most of 2018 and that trend doesn’t look like it will be ending heading into 2019.

Sunny Gho used a nice slightly washed out color style that emphasizes the fantasy elements of the book. The art team was very impressive this issue.

Although the amnesia angle never truly feels necessary, I liked how DeConnick set up this new quest as it’s got a lot of potential to be a lengthy and engaging storyline that puts a fresh new spin on Aquaman.

Rating: 9 out of 10