DC Comics reviews 12/18/18

Teen Titans #25

teen titans 25

For this double-sized anniversary Teen Titans writer Adam Glass spends the 40 pages providing some backstory to the team’s new additions. First up is Crush sharing her origin with Djinn as she tracks down a prized heirloom.

Crush runs the risk of being a fairly one-note character so it was good to see Glass fleshing out her backstory. She had a tragic origin and is now trying to determine the nature of her relationship with Lobo. Is he really her father? D’jinn still remains an enigma, but Glass is giving her an interesting blend of Starfire and Raven’s personalities. Assuming Glass can avoid the cliche route of romantically linking them, Crush and D’jinn could be one of the more unlikely and engaging BFFs in the DC Universe.

Robson Rocha handles the art for the Crush story. Rocha really has improved over the course of the year showing impressive versatility in this issue and Aquaman #43. Rocha’s biggest improvements have been on the action sequences and laying out the fights in a way that conveys the motion.

Glass teams with artist Max Dunbar for a feature on Roundhouse. This story looks back at how Roundhouse survived the nuclear bomb incident and his long journey home. Roundhouse is a fun character and has a disarming personality. He seems more authentic in actually behaving like a modern teenager and Glass seems to enjoy writing him. Dunbar plays up the sillier side of the character in a way that doesn’t make him come off too goofy.

While I’m still put off by Glass’ take on Red Arrow and Kid Flash to a lesser extent, the new additions are interesting characters. Spending more time with them was the right call even if it doesn’t make for a very impactful double-sized issue.

The price might put off casual readers, but this was the first issue in a while with the new team that left me wanting more. Maybe like its sister title, Titans, Teen Titans just needed a few issues to work out the kinks. I’m interested in seeing where Glass takes the book next year.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: DC Comics