Blame Michael Bay for no Megatron appearance in Bumblebee

While making promotional rounds, Bumblebee director Travis Knight explained why we didn’t see Megatron in that amazing Cybertron focused opening act.

The Cybertron battle is definitely one of the highlights of Bumblebee. It features many beloved Autobots and Decepticons in their iconic Generation 1 designs and as a bonus, you can actually make out who’s who. Knight said he had what sounded like a pretty spectacular appearance for the Decepticons leader.


‘I had this whole thing boarded where we’re where we see Megatron and he comes in like Sauron, just blowing sh-t up and laying waste to everything,’ he said.


But thanks to the bane of all devoted G1 Transformers fans, Knight said he had to scrap Megatron’s appearance to stay in continuity with the Michael Bay films.

‘We then realized in this world, Megatron is currently frozen on Earth, as seen in 2007’s Transformers, so that was out,’ Knight said.

transformers the last knight megatron

Ugh. So we got cheated out of what sounded like an amazing G1 Optimus Prime vs Megatron fight because of Bay continuity? Show of hands for everyone who would be happy to forget the Bay Transformers films didn’t exist in the first place? Figured as much.

Bumblebee arrives in theaters on Friday.

Photo Credit: Sunbow and Paramount Pictures