6 Aquaman stories to read after watching the movie

OK you’ve just seen Aquaman and want more. Yeah, Jason Momoa brings an amazing swagger and coolness to his take on Aquaman, but does he have a hook for a hand? Or a magic infused water hand? Nope. And you’re not going to see Jason Momoa’s Aquaman hanging with Martian Manhunter anytime soon either. But you can check out all these moments with these 6 Aquaman stories you’ve gotta read after seeing the movie.

Aquaman: Time and Tide

Peter David is the most prolific Aquaman writer and his influence on the character can’t be understated. Aquaman sits down to explore his origin. From his earliest loves to how he got his superhero identity and his first encounter with a fellow hero.

aquaman time and tide

This is an ideal jumping on point for newcomers who want to get a basic comprehension of the character told by one of his most definitive writers.

Justice League: Year One

Brian Augustyn and Mark Waid take on the challenge of providing a definitive origin for the continuity-adjusted beginnings of the Justice League. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman aren’t official members in their early days as the founders are The Flash, Green Lantern, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman. What’s so great about this story is how Augustyn and Waid humanize these icons.

aquaman and green lantern justice league year one

They play on the characters’ insecurities and challenges learning to work alongside each other. For Aquaman, the adjustment might be the most severe as he’s used to speaking in a lower tone and he’s not altogether familiar with some American slang. Barry Kitson’s elegantly simple artwork further shows a different, more relatable side to Aquaman and his pals. This provides a fascinating look at the heroes and in a lot of ways informed how I read the characters to this day.

Justice League: Rock of Ages (JL: The Deluxe Edition Vol. 2)

You could grab any of the Justice League trades by Grant Morrison and get quality Aquaman moments. I went with the Rock of Ages storyline as it finds Morrison at arguably his most creative. Aquaman, Flash and Green Lantern venture to another realm where they encounter a fallen universe en route to traveling to another reality where it’s up to them to stop Darkseid.

grant morrison aquaman rock of ages

Morrison never bought the narrative that Aquaman wasn’t cool and he made readers¬† see Flash, Green Lantern and him vs. Darkseid as almost a fair fight. Along with magnificent Howard Porter art and you’ve got one of the arcs that will make you track down all of their other Justice League collaborations.


Aquaman: Sub Diego

aquaman sub diego

Will Pfeifer and Patrick Gleason put together one of the more unusual Aquaman stories. San Diego goes underwater, but something stops the people from drowning. Now there’s a new underwater civilization and Aquaman finds himself the unofficial sheriff in establishing law and order while determining the cause of these incredible events.¬†

Aquaman Omnibus by Geoff Johns

aquaman omnibus

Johns is one of DC’s most prolific creators. He’s revitalized so many characters I’ve lost count. He set his sights on Aquaman and decided to completely flip the running joke that the character is lame. Attacking that head on, Johns establishes a stronger new status quo for the character in one of the signature DC titles during the New 52 era.

Aquaman: DC Rebirth era

aquaman vs black manta

Dan Abnett got the call to handle Aquaman as DC Rebirth kicked off. This was easily one of my favorites as Abnett brought back old favorite villains like Black Manta and The Trench, but crafted a complex Game of Thrones worthy saga of politics, betrayals, love and redemption. I highly recommend all of Abnett’s Rebirth run and you can grab it now on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price.

That’s just the tip of the quality Aquaman stories, but start off with them to get a good sense of the various takes on the King of the Seas.

Photo Credit: DC Comics