New Avengers: Endgame promo art features all the surviving Avengers including Ronin

In case you already weren’t excited, we’re starting to see some Avengers: Endgame promo art. Not sure about the rest of you, but I’m always eager to see the promo pieces for the latest Marvel Studios film. It’s not just because I lack any form of patience, but mainly because I want to see how many potential new figures I’ll be on the hook for with the new film.

On that front, Marvel Studios hasn’t been that insidious. Sure, Thor and Iron Man have noticeable changes with every new film, but others are much nicer to my wallet. With the release of the first batch of Endgame promo pics, I’m realizing I will not be able to avoid having a complete set of MCU Hawkeye figures.

avengers endgame promo art - ronin

In Endgame, Clint Barton won’t be wearing his traditional Hawkeye attire and instead will have a new identity as Ronin. The promo art for this attire looks bada$$ as Clint looks full on superhero ninja. We definitely could use a new Marvel Legends Ronin figure and having a Ronin Hot Toys figure already sounds exciting.

avengers endgame promo art - hawkeye as ronin

Here’s the rest of the surviving heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe including new arrival Captain Marvel.


I was a little bummed to see that everyone got some promo art love except for War Machine. He’s the only black Avenger still standing so I was hoping he’d play a prominent role in the film.

avengers endgame promo art - main avengers

Okoye, M’Baku and Wong are also missing so maybe they’re not going to factor in too much? Ditto for Valkyrie who we know was not part of the Asgardian crew that got killed by Thanos.

We’ll see what happens when Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters in April.