Hot Toys teases Captain Marvel figure and upcoming 2019 figures

With the start of 2019, Hot Toys is already preparing its onslaught on collectors’ wallets. Among the most anticipated is the Captain Marvel figure.

Hot Toys revealed a teaser image of the impressive looking figure today.

Discover what makes her a hero.

As we step into the year of 2019, Hot Toys is very excited to share this preview with our passionate fans the new 1/6th scale collectible figure of Captain Marvel!

Continue to stay tuned with us for the arrival of this powerful new hero!

Happy New Year!

It looks like Hot Toys is going the plastic route for the hair as opposed to rooted hair like we’ve seen with recent female figures. I can’t wait to see the headsculpt in total. Hopefully we won’t have a situation where her eyes are painted looking to the side.

hot toys captain marvel tease

Before Captain Marvel, there’s a slew of upcoming figures we already know are coming including the Justice League Aquaman and The Flash, Black Panther version Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War Doctor Strange, Thanos and Hulkbuster Iron Man Ver. 2.

upcoming hot toys figures 2019

Photo Credit: Hot Toys